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Winter Home Maintenance To-Do List

Many home maintenance and repair projects come around on an infrequent or even annual basis, and therefore can often be forgotten. With help from Resident Expert Gregg Cantor, we compiled this winter home maintenance to-do list to help you keep your home in tip-top shape this season.

Winter Home Maintenance To-Do List

1) Furnace Inspection. Have your furnace checked before it becomes cold enough that you need to use it. A quick inspection can ensure your furnace is safe to use. While you’re thinking of your heater, change the filter. Filters need to be changed regularly, so it’s easy to tack that task on to every season.

2) Fireplace Inspection. Before using your heater for the first time this winter, have it inspected for safety. And always make sure the flue is open when using the fireplace.

3) Roof Inspection. Before we get any rain, have your roof inspected to find any areas that need repair, or to make sure your home will be protected when the rain does come. Find Approved Home Pros recommended roofers here.

4) Plumbing Inspection. The holidays can be an especially taxing time on your plumbing, so it’s a great idea to have your pipes inspected before your guests come to town. Find Approved Home Pros recommended plumbers here.

5) Clean Rain Gutters and Downspouts. It doesn’t rain much in San Diego, but when it does, the water needs a clear path away from your home. Clean your rain gutters before any storms come in. If you don’t have rain gutters, now is a great time to have them installed.

6) Aerate Your Lawn. San Diego’s soil is very compacted, which can make it difficult to keep your lawn green throughout the year. Aerating one to two times per year can help loosen the soil and increase the water flow to your grass. After aerating is a great time to fertilize as well. Find Approved Home Pros recommended lawn aeration professionals here.

7) Inspect Weather Stripping. Weather stripping around your doors and windows works to increase the energy efficiency of your home and helps keep you more comfortable. The summer heat may have damaged weather stripping, which will create leaks in the seal of your home, so it’s time to inspect your weather stripping and make necessary replacements.

8) Termite Inspection. In San Diego, it’s not a question of if you’ll get termites, but when. Get your inspection annually so you can catch any problems while they are small. Ignoring the problem will just lead to larger, more expensive repairs down the road. Find Approved Home Pros recommended pest control companies here.

9) Replace Batteries. Replace the batteries in your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector to ensure the alarms will work in the event of an emergency.

10) Clean Dryer Vent. A dirty or clogged dryer vent is a big fire danger. Detach your dryer vent and vacuum out lint. Continue to clean the vent regularly.