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Window and Custom Glass Showroom

Showrooms are a great way to really get a feel for a product before making the decision to install it in your home. Best Value Glass has a beautiful, newly finished showroom with countless window and custom glass options. Tune in to learn more!

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[Jordan] when you’re taking on a home-improvement a showroom can be a really great way to get hands-on with the products that you’re gonna put in your home when it comes to windows doors and anything glass related best-value glass is the place to go and they just finished their brand new showroom so I’m here with Steve Walsh the owner where we’re looking at all the windows and doors available right now including this beautiful massive like wide-open door that we can have

[Steve] yeah we have everything that you can want in vinyl aluminum fiberglass and wood we have this multi slide door we also have lock cantina doors that will open up your home so we have a lot of customs options colors energy-efficient options screen options and those go from everything from your regular size window all the way to those multi sliding doors yes and we different brands that we can choose from as well we have a lot of different brands

[Jordan] and you can choose what’s right for your home so you want to come around the showroom check out the different colors styles see how they operate because these are fully installed windows it makes such a difference when you come out and look around and operate the windows

[Steve] we have you know in this room there’s a lot but we also have around the show around the business we have windows that worked and the staff is ready to help you figure out what colors styles and meet those energy efficiency codes that you need yes

[Jordan] best value glass also has everything you need for custom glass work whether it’s in your shower or a glass door throughout your house tell me about this half of the showroom

[Steve] so this is our mostly our shower door part of the showroom but we also have a lot of different things in here a lot of options on glass choices and different options for your shower also different hardware colors we can do so we can do a certain to handle and the color you want and we can show you pretty much anything you want in a shower door in this room

[Jordan] yeah and then I mean so there’s some end on display here but that’s just really a small offering of what’s possible because everything when it comes to showers is completely customizable

[Steve] we can customize just about anything we make sure it’s safe and then we can do pretty much whatever you want

[Jordan] yeah you’ll see examples from regular traditional slider doors to those beautiful barn style door and then all the different hardware’s to match and how does this value glass help everyone just decide what’s great for them

[Steve] it’s a consultation process so somebody can come in and either give us a picture or a little drawing or an idea what they want I want you know a lot of glass I want you know a steam shower whatever the whatever it is you want and then we can show you what it’ll look like

[Jordan] and they’ll work with you so you want to head down to the best eyeglass showroom today they’re in Lakeside open Monday through Friday call them to make an appointment or just head on down