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Why You Should Choose High Quality Windows And Doors

They may look similar, but not all window brands carry the same high quality. Best Value Glass checks in to share why they recommend Milgard Windows and Doors. They have been a Migard certified dealer for 15 years and choose to partner with them because they have amazing quality and the best warranty in the business.

Details About “Why You Should Choose High Quality Windows And Doors”

– They make look similar, but not all window brands carry the same high quality. Blanca Hensley from Best Value Glass is here to share why she recommends Milgard Window & Doors. Thanks for being here.

– Thank you for having me.

– Now Best Value Glass has been around for a long time. Great reputation, so I’m sure you’re very choosy about who you partner with. Why Milgard?

– So Best Value Glass has been a Milgard certified dealer for 15 years. We stand by them 100%. You know they have amazing quality. They have the best warranty in the business. They’re manufactured in the United States as well, so we stand by them 100%.

– Okay, so let’s talk about that warranty. These are high quality products. The warranty, I was just poking around the internet this morning, it’s a really good one.

– It is, so all the product lines carry a different type of a warranty. All of them do carry a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. Some of them do come with a glass breakage warranty which a lot of people don’t know, it comes with your product. So anytime you live by the golf course and stuff like that, it’s always safe to choose that product line that does carry that just to be covered.

– Oh definitely with the “fore!” for the golf game. So you can test out the products. People can go and feel and look and see in your showroom. Where is the showroom?

– So our showroom is in Lakeside. We have a full Milgard showroom. When you come in, you can test out in every single product line. So you can test anything from a vinyl window to a fiberglass window, a slider, a sliding glass door. We have pretty much one of each, so that everybody cannot just come and visualize it, but can also test them.

– That’s amazing because if I shut my window, it’s aluminum, the frame, I can’t get it open. So here it’s really easy. I’ve seen how they open and close, and so it’s a difference. But you also even have a glass artist.

– We do. We have an amazing glass artist, who can sand blast, your face and your shower enclosure.

– Do you have that?

– No I don’t, but a lot of people care for their pantry doors, to have little images, anything you can possible imagine, he can bring to life on a window, or anything of glass.

– You guys are amazing. You got to get out to the showroom in Lakeside and check it out.

– Yes you do.

– All right, thank you. Get your Milgard Windows & Doors from Best Value Glass. Call 619-419-0023 or visit the showroom today. You can find Best Value Glass and other top professionals on ApprovedHomePros.com.