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Why You Should Choose Artificial Turf

Artificial turf not only looks great, but also saves you money on your water bill. Dreamgardens introduces the different turf options available and the advantages to them. Discover which option is best for you!

Details on ‘Why You Should Choose Artificial Turf’

[Jordan]  artificial turf can give you a beautiful green lawn all year long but there are so many other reasons to choose turf as well and it all comes down to a good installation from a quality company so today I’m here with Sergio from dreamgardens buy sport turf international and he is here to walk us through what turf looks like today thanks so much for joining me

[Sergio] you’re welcome. I’m excited to be here

[Jordan] [so sport turf has been around a long time and dream gardens the division of that well just tell me little bit about that

[Sergio] correct we’ve been in business for 15 years now about six years ago we started on landscaping division we call it dreamgardens and since then we’ve been providing great solutions for people

[Jordan] love that solutions and who want to install turf because it’s not one size fits all as we even see in front of us

[Sergio] there’s two different turf products but this is just two of how many would you say that’s correct we carry over 40 styles of turf five different manufactures the best in the market and what we believe is that not every project is the same so we should offer the same product to each customer so we offer a wide selection these are few options we have and it was real so real I mean in the last few years to has improved tremendously not only quality but also in appearance and our challenge is we want people to have turf but we don’t want them to be able to notice that it’s artificial turf absolutely it’s part of man painting so we want order to look as real as possible and as noticeable as possible for the customer

[Jordan] so what are some of these other benefits people are going to reap if they choose to go with turf

[Sergio] well it’s saving money in water it’s a big thing but I don’t only that it’s also time you want to spend your time in the best way possible

[Jordan] so why not instead of spending time of year let turf be installed and just save me time cleaning my dog’s paws it’s gonna keep dirt from coming in my house

[Sergio] exactly so there may be many solutions nowadays turf it’s a great product that it’s right for many homes

[Jordan] and very quickly briefly walk me through how dream gardens will help people choose the right product for their home exactly

[Sergio] we’re not about coming to your house and trying to push you a product as unfortunately many companies do our days we try to find a solution and work with the constant to find the right product for them out of those 40 products we’ll try to match them with the perfect color the perfect texture, the perfect price for their project

[Jordan] thank you so much sergio take advantage of the many benefits of turf with high quality products and installation from dream gardens by sport turf international find them on approved home pros comm