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Why You Need to Get Your Heater Checked

While it still may feel like summer, winter is right around the corner and now is the time to get your heater checked! We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air is explains the importance of getting your heater checked and the benefits of doing it now.

Details on ‘Why You Need to Get Your Heater Checked’

[Jordan] It’s the time of year when temperatures might start to cool down, is your heater ready for when you first need to turn it on? Bob Briley is here from We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air with everything we need to know before we use our heater the first time this season. Why is it so important to have our heaters checked?

[Bob] People don’t really think about their heaters, especially during summer and that heater has been sitting there all summer long.

[Jordan] Yup, didn’t think about that once.

[Bob] In fact, it’s still hard to think about right now even though the temperatures are starting to change. But you really need to have it checked because there’s so much stuff that can go on with your system when it’s just sitting there dormant, there’s safety switches, make sure the flam is working properly when you do turn it on, there’s dust and build up and stuff on the heater exchange. When you first turn your heater on and you haven’t had it checked out, you’re going to get that dust smell and that burning sensation and it really starts to freak people out when they start to smell burning in their system.

[Jordan] And really that can be a best case scenario where you turn it on and you get that smell but there’s so many more things that can go wrong and it really is a safety hazard so you want to make sure it’s in working order.

[Bob] Oh it definitely is, like I said there’s electronic items in there. When your air conditioning is being used, it’s using your heaters as an air distribution but you’re not using any safety components being used so those have been just sitting there and when you finally turn it on you want to make sure those things are working.

[Jordan] So, that’s important to know.

[Bob] There’s two different types of furnaces we are talking about, that’s part of your central air system with ducts and air will kind of flow through it but like you said, it’s not using the pieces of the heater which really are what need to be checked.

[Jordan] But what about wall heaters and wall furnaces?

[Bob] Wall heaters scare me, I don’t know about everyone else but you’re looking at a box that’s 14 inches by 3 inches in your wall that has a flame in it. It’s a very scary product so you definitely have to make sure that is maintained, make sure the safety switches are working and the vents are cleared going all the way out so carbon doesn’t build up inside your house. So, those are things that you really, really want to have checked.

[Jordan] Definitely, so We Care will come out and do these heater checks. So, very quickly what goes into those checks?

[Bob] We’re basically taking our scope in there, we’re looking at the heat exchange, we’re looking at the flame and seeing how the flame is operating. And we’re going to check our gas pressures to make sure it’s the right pressure to go through. We’re going to check all your safety switches, check the venting that goes out of your house, make sure there’s no birds that put a nest in there, nothing else going on inside there.

[Jordan] Thank you so much, call We Care today at 619-333-8646.