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Why You Need a Yeti This Summer

Summertime calls for camping, fishing trips, hiking and more summer activities. The Yeti is the perfect partner to take on all of your outdoor adventures. With different sizes, styles and options, you are sure to find your perfect Yeti at Ace Hardware.

Details on ‘Why You Need a Yeti This Summer’

[Harry Schwartz] Hi this is Harry from Hillcrest Ace Hardware and I’m here for your Ace Hardware project of the week today we’re gonna talk about Yeti and the Yeti coolers and getting drink ware that we have available at Hillcrest Ace Hardware a Yeti coolers were originally designed in Texas for hunting camping and fishing but they’re now become more main stream and are used in everyday activities as well as those other outdoor activities you’re involved with the Yeti hard sided coolers which are the original coolers the roadie and the tundra are great fora camping trip fishing out on the oceangoing to the park or even tailgate they’ll keep ice for several days and they’re bear-proof and that’s been certified by a grizzly bear administration Association the newest line of the Yeti coolers is the hopper versions there’s the hopper flip which is a great soft sided but solid portable cooler that will keep ice for days great for the beach great for the park and then also the hopper too which is an open top more of a purse style in addition to all of the coolers Yeti offers we now have drink ware from the coaster which will handle your cans to the tumblers there’s even wine glasses and athletic style so come on down to hell crest Ace Hardware pick up your Yeti cooler so you can take it out today for tailgating, picnicking, fishing whatever your activity might be