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Why Customers Love Ameristar Windows

Windows should not only look great, but also function with ease. Ameristar Windows & Doors offers quality windows that are so light they can be opened with one finger. Discover why customers love Ameristar Windows & Doors today!

Details on ‘Why Customers Love Ameristar Windows’

[Sean] I’m here the Ameristar Windows Factory in Southern California with Feli from Ameristar Star windows and Feli I want to talk with you about the windows and the quality of some of the different things that you love about the Ameristar what are some of the things that really struck you first about the windows with Ameristar

[Feli] I think it was the functionality of the window that it was just so easy to open and glide the the rollers that they that are used in our sliding glass doors and our windows you could really open them with just one finger and so many times in previous homes that I had owned we couldn’t even open the windows like some wouldn’t even open like you needed to people to actually slide it open so that was the first thing that that appealed to me and the second was also with the high cost of energy in California especially to cool your home the energy efficiency of the glass was just tremendous the great savings for people that put these windows

[Sean] and they’re gonna save a lot of energy costs because the efficiency is great with these windows and what you’re talking about it about the ease of use I’ve tried the windows myself and you’re right just one finger you can open them and close them enough the hardware is wonderful what about the curb appeal on the look of the windows

[Feli] they look wonderful I mean I know I could spot before I didn’t know so I would drive around neighborhoods and I really couldn’t tell the difference and I they so stand out now I could tell like who’s had their windows replaced and who hasn’t it really changes the aesthetics of a home

[Sean] it’s like accessorizing your home and it really adds to the curb appeal and the overall look it does it makes a home look so good especially a home that may have still have the old aluminum frame windows these modern looks just look so wonderful I see a lot of white there’s other colors available

[Feli] we do have other color options the white is the most popular just because it stands out more and it’s just sharper but we do offer other options as well

[Sean] The easiest way for people to interact with Ameristar  or just have a free consultation have a consultant come out to your home

[Feli] yes they can call us make an appointment and our sales consultant will go out and show you our product and our service explains your service our lifetime warranty we take great pride and in what we offer and the product and the quality

[Sean] thanks Feli, those are just some of the reasons we recommend Ameristar because of the no pressure easy consultation approach you can find