Why Choose An Approved Pro?

Because only Approved Home Pros give you the Expert Advantage! With Approved Home Pros, you have the advantage of free and easy access to the combined knowledge and experience of the most highly-respected home improvement experts in San Diego. Our experts are always on your side, dedicated to protecting your home and family as they guide you to a great home improvement experience.

Who is an Expert?

Approved Home Pros Experts are professional contractors, craftspeople, business leaders or members of regulatory bodies who have a minimum of five years of experience and are in good-standing with all required licensing and certification related to their field. They live and work in the local community, and have passed the screening and vetting “Expert Approval Process” required of all Approved Home Pro network members. They’ve been voted unanimously into the Approved Home Pro network.

Why Experts?

All Approved Home Pros have been thoroughly vetted.Our experts know the best local home improvement pros…and the worst. They see the work of other pros, know their practices and their reputation within the industry. Every day, our experts interact with homeowners, suppliers and even inspectors. They know local codes, construction styles and common issues. They understand products, materials, techniques and best practices.  And can protect you from questionable practices and even scams. Like having a friend in the business, our experts are a resource unlike any other.

How Do Companies Become Approved Home Pros?

Search online at approvedhomepros.comSelect companies from each trade are identified as potential Approved Home Pros. Those companies undergo an in-depth Expert Approval Process that includes expert screening, research and reviews. The final step of this rigorous process requires a unanimous vote of all network members. Only then does a company earn the status “Approved Home Pro.” Only three Approved Home Pros are allowed in any category, which offers you a selection but maintains our rigorous standards

What’s the Catch?

Only trust Approved Home Pros in your home.There is no catch.  Our database of Approved Pros is provided to you free and without any need to register or provide personal information.  We make money by selling advertising and marketing services to our network members, but only after they have been thoroughly approved. No company can pay to be part of Approved Home Pros. Our experts are the gatekeepers who protect this key value.

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All Approved Home Pros are listed in our online database and listed for you for free. Search for any service you need for your home right here on ApprovedHomePros.com. If we don’t have what you need, contact us or call 855-840-A-PRO and we will do the research for you to provide a top-quality recommendation.