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What You Need To Know About Water Pressure Regulators

You probably don’t know what a water pressure regulator is until it fails. Black Mountain Plumbing joins us to discuss the steps to checking your pressure regular and the precautions to take to keep it from failing.’

Details on ‘Water Pressure Regulator’

[Jordan] most homeowners don’t know what a pressure regulator is until it fails and then what do you do here with me today to talk about the water pressure in our home is Scott from Black Mountain plumbing thanks so much for being with me to share this today

[Scott] you’re welcome

[Jordan] let’s start with the importance of water pressure and kind of how it can impact your home because the water comes from the street

[Scott] right so water pressure in the streets going to be from 80 to 200 pounds you want to reduce that and keep it at 55 to 65 pounds when it comes into your house when it comes into our house and we’re talking showers sinks everything that’s water usage in our home but what happens if the water pressure coming into our homes is higher than that recommended number so anything above 80 pounds code requires a regulator anything above 80 pounds is going to void the warranty on all your appliances your refrigerators your washing machine your fixtures it’s going to wear and tear on your whole plumbing system that could lead to some significant damage if you end up with a plumbing system failure and then nothing is warranted

[Jordan] that can really end up costing someone a lot of money right a lot of money and the damage from water damage claim is just not even worth going to you don’t want that to happen so thankfully there is a pressure regulator which you’ve actually brought in to show us today what is this what does it do and where does it go

[Scott] so this is a pressure reducing valve and we use the Union by Union ones that are lead-free and it goes in your garage or in the front of your house where the water comes into your house where you know you can shut the water off to your house that’s where it’s going to be found

[Jordan] okay so it’s gonna help from the water from the street to the water in our house and it just reduces the amount of pressure and we can control, is that right

[Scott] so that’s gonna help keep peace of mind and keep everything going

[Jordan] if you have one you should have it serviced at all or how do you know if it’s if something fails

[Scott] well how will you know we don’t typically think it’s a good idea to service an old regulator because they’re preset to have parameters where they won’t exceed a certain amount of pressure this one’s 75 if they’re not working right we suggest changing it out cause everything’s probably rusted corroded gummed up inside you want to just replace

[Jordan]  thanks so much got avoided major problems with your plumbing system and by monitoring your water pressure and rest assured that you can always call Black Mountain plumbing if you have a problem give them a call today at six one nine three nine nine two two zero three