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What To Do When Your Window Fails

Have you ever had a window fail? Maybe you did, but you didn’t know it. Window World discusses the signs of a failed window and what that means for your home. Tune in to learn how you can avoid having your windows fail!

Details on ‘What To Do When Your Window Fails’

[Jordan] have you ever had a window fog up between panes of glass that means that your window has failed today Gene Bryan from window world is here to talk about failed window replacement thanks for coming in today

[Gene] oh thanks for having me

[Jordan] well I have a window at my house that has a bit of a fog to it and I’m learning that that’s because the seal on my windows failed what other signs of window failure are there?

[Gene] you know there’s a lot of obvious signs number one is glass can be broken single pane glass is broken it’s kind of unsafe it can cut you and the other one is you can’t open or close your window that would be a broken window.

[Jordan] It would be a failed window

[Gene] Yeah, so you can’t operate them and its really bad think about if you have a fire in your home you’ve got to be able to get out so you want to make sure all your windows can open and close easily and then lastly the problem you’re talking about that’s what’s called seal failure what’s happened is you have a dual pane window. So what’s happened as that seal has failed and now it’s let oxygen inside which fogs up the whole inside of the glass and you’ve lost all the energy efficiency properties of that window because it’s not supposed to be oxygen between the panes of glass right it’s no it’s vacuum sealed so it has argon gas and Loic coatings between the glass and I’m losing those benefits so I’m losing some energy efficiency and then in all these other cases it would be lifestyle benefits

[Jordan] So, I would be missing out on some comfort and some safety like you said not being able to open the windows and having a broken piece of glass obviously it’s not safe either think about the view can you see how that window I am missing the view

[Gene] and that’s one of the biggest benefits of having at windows here in San Diego so what do we do about a failed window when you have something that’s happened like that you have to replace it

[Jordan] and I know somebody that’s in the business of replacing windows pretty good

[Gene] so we replace when is like that all the time we either replace old aluminum windows that are single pane we replace old dual pane windows that really don’t have a lot of energy efficiency so we can replace that and really get you a lot more bang for your buck with your utility bills if I have like I do just one failed window of someone out there thoughts resonating can we do just the one window or do we have to the whole house you know that’s what’s unusual about window where we’ll do one window or 100 windows so a lot of times we’ll put a window in your home, where a lot of companies won’t come out unless it’s a five window minimum we’ll come out and do that for you just for one window because we know after you see that window and you see how it’s working very luckily you’ll be calling us for the rest of them pretty soon

[Jordan] Thanks Gene, let window world help you select the perfect new windows for your home whether it’s 1 or 50 call window world today at six twenty nine seven nine seven six nine eight eight or use Approved Home Pros