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Weatherstripping a Window

Weatherstripping a Window

Increasing energy costs can make the colder winter month increasingly expensive. Sealing your home with tight-fitting weatherstripping can keep you warm and keep some money in your pocket.

If you had a 6-inch hole in the middle of your door, you would patch it up pretty quickly. But did you know that just a 1/8-inch wide crack around your door creates the same amount of air loss as a 6-inch circle punched out of your door? Air heading out those cracks is the same as money flowing out of your wallet when you are paying to heat or cool your home.

But there is good news. A little weatherstripping can reduce the air loss around doors and windows, lowering drafts and your utility bill.

Your home may need weatherstripping, or it may not. But there is an easy way to check. If you can feel cold air coming in around your doors and windows on cold or windy days, you need to add some weatherstripping. If you are really curious and there is no cold wind yet, just take a handheld dryer and create some wind as a partner checks for air leaks on the other side.

There are several types of weatherstripping available:

  • pressure-sensitive, adhesive-backed foam
  • spring-metal strips
  • self-sticking spring metal
  • felt, serrated, tubular gasket weather stripping
  • foam-filled tubular gasket weather stripping
  • interlocking metal weather stripping

Each type of weatherstripping requires a slightly different method of installation. Some are quite easy, such as the adhesive-backed type, which require little more than cleaning and preparing the surfaces correctly. Others, such as the spring-metal strips take a little more to install, but provide durable results.

Remember, your local Ace Hardware store is there to help you with weatherstripping, or just about any other project.

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