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Vacation Tips to Avoid a Flood in Your Home

There’s nothing worse than coming home from a relaxing vacation to an in-home flood. Black Mountain Plumbing is here to help you avoid that scenario with these vacation tips. Learn simple tips that could help you avoid a stressful and expensive situation.

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[Sean] Summer is officially underway which means it’s vacation season. Do you know how to protect your home from floods? Here’s a way to find out I make sure you don’t come back to a problem I have Scott Farrell from Black Mountain Plumbing with me. Scott, vacation season is a time that people go on vacation and there’s a common occurrence.

[Scott] Oh yeah, they come back and their house is completely wiped out.

[Sean] Does this tend to be more damaging floods because they go on for a long time and they don’t get taken care of right away?

[Scott] Yeah, absolutely. You’re gonna be out of your house for months.

[Sean] And what are the most common causes of those kind of floods?

[Scott] Well let’s see there are  pressurized water leak in the house or a sewer the backed up and just wipes it out.

[Sean] So, pressurized water leak what does that mean?

[Scott] A pinhole, a solder, joint leak, a hot slab Quest’s leak, anything that’s pressurized potable water if it’s leaking in your house and continuing to leak it’s just gonna continue to flood until somebody turns the water off.

[Sean] So some area where  things are joined together or just there’s there’s a failure in this to end up in the material itself.

[Scott] All kinds of variables- the others kind you said is a running toilet.

[Sean] What does that do?

[Scott] It happens quite often- somebody will be in a hurry and they leave and flush the toilet and that toilet had a little bit of a leak to it so  a running toilet has a ghost flush and they knew that tank was leaking into the bowl but they flushed it it got clogged walked out of the house now the tanks still running into the ball that won’t flush and the water has no place to go but overflows until they come home and it can overflow for days for days.

[Sean] So, what’s your recommendation of people when they’re going on vacation? What should they do to avoid these problems?

[Scott]  If you can isolate the pressurized water system that is feeding just your house not your irrigation turn it off so that the water at the street not  typically going to be at the house and some homes if you shut off the house it shuts off your irrigation also so just verify the valve you shut off see if your sprinklers still work if they do that’s perfect if not do something different so we’re looking at a picture now of what that generally looks like but then not all homes look exactly like this but it’s this is a fairly common look yeah yeah and if you turn that off that’s gonna alleviate pretty much any problem you can possibly have real quickly all right there’s also a technology that’s available that can warn you if there’s a leak and your smartphone can be notified you can turn the water off remotely

[Sean] oh yeah there’s all kinds of systems nowadays and some of them are quite well  that’s great and I know you offer some of those if you have a plumbing emergency or any plumbing need trust your home to Black Mountain plumbing find them and the other top pros at approved home pros com