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UV Protection with Window Films

Window films are great for countless reasons, one being the UV protection they provide. Nu-Vue Window Films discusses how this UV protection works and so much more. Tune in to discover window films today!

Details on ‘UV Protection’

[Jordan] just because you can’t see UV rays doesn’t mean they aren’t they’re affecting you and your home Arielle Mello from Nu-Vue window films is here with more information today thanks for coming in this is kind of a big deal right now if being winter the off months I’m not out there thinking about sun protection and getting sunburned but UV rays are out there all year long doing damage to our home right

[Arielle] exactly that’s right just because you don’t have a direct light that doesn’t mean you open your windows you open your shadows you’re pretty accordance just because you don’t have a direct line you getting you be rejects that’s that’s normal

[Jordan] if anything I’m probably opening my windows more because I’m not having the direct heat coming in and everything so I’m actually increasing my risk for UV rays into the home what damage do UV rays do in our home

[Arielle] it’s fading does it drying wood wood wood floor fabrics the color rate in everything so yes it’s a lot of damage so you got to protect that

[Jordan] yeah absolutely so I don’t you know don’t wanna put my wood floors at risk or furniture but even I’m thinking photographs on the wall could take a real beating and those are sentimental items I might not really want to do it you got to protect those six that’s the reason why even if you have a brand-new windows if you spend so much money in windows

[Arielle] just they have a lower coating on it it’s still you need to upgrade because you get 20% you get 40% and that’s it with the window window yes in its cost a lot of money with film you can upgrade that to 99% UV rejection so

[Jordan] I’m seeing two very different films here we’ve got one a little bit more clear one much more privacy driven or darker these both offer 99.9 percent UV rejection

[Arielle] exactly we have from eighty percent to five person and they all 99 percent

[Jordan] so you can take control of that UV rejection because what it sounds like is your regular window without a film on it is only maybe twenty to forty percent rejection of those UV rays even if you have a very high-end window so it’s always room to upgrade and take control of your protection here exactly it’s upgrading your home years ago a film was just considering just a regular look sure you know you don’t want to fading now it’s upgrading your house because the energy-efficient

[Arielle] absolutely you gotta think about that this manufacturer it’s a federal warranties so if you decide to sell your house if you have film all the way around your house its upgrading your house you can get more money because it’s a new piece you got to think, yes energy efficiency saving money but also that lifetime warranty that I can transfer to new owners

[Jordan] Thank You Ariel protect your home from UV rays with window films from new vo you can find them on approved home pros.com