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Try Out these Easy Woodworking Projects at Rockler

Woodworking is a great hobby but can be intimidating if you’ve never tried it. Luckily at Rockler Woodworking & Hardware, they have classes for all levels and experts ready to assist you. Check them out today to see what you can build!

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[Sean] So I’m here at Rockford Woodworking and Hardware one of my favorite places when my favorite people Mike Durlak. Mike great to have you on the show.

[Mike] Thank you, good to be here.

[Sean] So, my father he’s recently retired and we’re trying to keep him busy and I was thinking that woodworking might be a great hobby for him. He’s always been good with his hands so What would you recommend he start with? What would you what’s a good starting point?

[Mike] Well a lot of times when somebody like that comes into the store we’re gonna start talking to about what they feel comfortable with you were saying before that he’s you know he’s used to working on cars stuff like that so his comfort level is probably pretty high.

[Sean] Yeah he’ll, be good with his hands always worked with tools but never woodworking.

[Mike] Yeah, he’ll be easy to get started.

[Sean] So he loves to give gifts, I thought that’d be something I think he would like to do. What kind of projects would you recommend for somebody like that?

[Mike] Well gifting can go pretty easy. We can do some things like you know I’d show him how to start out with some basic box making. He can get in doing signs for himself and his friends with a router and one of our favorites is as you know is doing pens or doing turning. It’s a great gift, I’ve done this and the one thing I think my father would love this because you can personalize these kind of to somebody right. Everything is personalized with this. Yeah, so this is how the pen start out and they end up like this depending  on what you’ve chosen.

[Sean] What’s the tool that somebody needs to be able to do this?

[Mike] Well, that’s gonna be the lathe and you’re turning projects with your bowls or for pen turning or for attorney handles that’s all gonna be done on there and it takes a very small amount of space it’s a set of projects the bowls the pens that somebody can do with one tools and that’s a great way to get started in woodworking.

[Sean] Right okay, now if I send him down are you guys gonna ask him the right questions and kind of guide him through the process and get him out of here fairly equipped to start?

[Mike] We’re gonna ask him a lot of questions because we’re gonna say we win a game hooked up with the right tool that’s appropriate for what he wants to do now and what he wants to do later on to when he gets even a little bit more confident to be able to scale up and go to the next products and the next projects on from there

[Sean] yeah I think this this is a great idea especially for somebody like him like my dad so thanks Mike so dad you’re headed down to Rockler soon and anybody else if you’re interested in working head on down also they’re gonna start you out right you can get involved in word working get any of these projects and they’re going to treat you just like family down at Rockler so head on down you can find all their information at approved home bros comm slash Rockler