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Tips for Reseeding Your Lawn

Tips for Reseeding Your Lawn

If you haven’t made the leap to synthetic grass, maintaining your lawn is a big part of keeping up your curb appeal. Here are Ace Hardware’s tips for reseeding your lawn to help maintain an attractive lawn and yard area all year long.

To get started on a reseeding project, rake the lawn thoroughly to remove any build-up of thatch. Once the lawn has been raked, it will be easier to spot any thin or bare spots that need reseeding. Loosen and pulverize the soil in those areas to a depth of about one inch to prepare your surface. Then, sprinkle the area with lawn fertilizer and rake it so it’s evenly spread. Now you’re lawn is ready for seeding. Select a top-quality seed mixture that is designated for your particular needs. For example, some seed mixtures work well in shady areas, while other mixtures are made for reseeding sunny areas.

Reseed the bare spots sparingly, as only about six seeds per square inch will survive. Reseeding heavily will just waste seed and money. Once your seeds are dispersed, spray the area with a light mist of water. Your new grass will get off to a much faster start if you cover the reseeded areas with clear sheets of polyethylene plastic. This covering keeps the moisture in the soil and eliminates the need for constant sprinkling. Secure the edges of the plastic sheet with small rocks or stakes, but take care to remove the polyethylene cover when the first seedlings appear. The cover helps the seeds germinate, but can quickly kill seedlings. After you remove the covering, keep the soil moist. Ace recommends spraying a light mist over the area two or three times a day until the grass matures to one inch high. Then you can cut down to once a week.

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