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Tips For Choosing The Right Type Of Paint

Choosing the right type of paint can sometimes be a difficult task. Ace Hardware makes it easier for you by carrying a variety of paint options that represent different budgets and needs. Head to your local Ace Hardware today to get the tools and advice you need to successfully choose the right paint for your next painting project. 

Details About “Tips For Choosing The Right Type Of Paint”

Sean: Welcome to your Ace Hardware Project of the Week. I’m here with Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, and we’re talking about paint levels. Lou, I never know what is the right kind of level to go with or the right spin to make on painting. Is there a difference between the different paints?

Lou: There are. Yeah, I kind of equate it to ingredients you would get depending on what kind of restaurant you go to. Fast food restaurant, the quality of the food maybe isn’t the best, though, it’s delicious. If you go to a nice, quality restaurant the ingredients.

Sean: It’s about the ingredients.

Lou: About the ingredients. Everything that goes into making a bucket of paint, and at Ace we try to represent a bunch of different varieties and budgets. So, we kinda have good better, best displayed here. And depending on what you’re working on it may fit your budget to not to spend. It’s one of those areas where you get what you pay for, and, so, I think that’s really important. One of the things on the mix, what we do. Here, I got a bucket filled with these kinda little sports fun balls, right? Now, imagine if I filled that all the way up, you’d see all those little gaps ’cause those balls are a lot bigger.

Sean: A lot of space–

Lou: These are balls bearings. And, so, the more refined the material is, if I fill that bucket in there, it would be denser, it’d be richer, it’d be a lot heavier.

Sean: More coverage.

Lou: More coverage. And, so, we use in our Clark & Kensington the ceramic bead technology. Basically, there are these ceramic beads that are so refined it’s almost, almost like baby powder, okay?

Sean: Okay.

Lou: But that’s put in with the colorant and the bases and the water, the titanium, all that stuff that goes into paint. And it gives you that coverage, and it gives you the depth of color that you want when you’re choosing the right paint. Like I said, it’s definitely an area where you get what you pay for. The other thing is the application.

Sean: Okay.

Lou: Higher quality paints have a better flow. They feel better on a roller, feel better on a brush.

Sean: Easier time applying and–

Lou: Easier time applying.

Sean: Better coverage, also?

Lou: Much better coverage and much better washability. So, once you paint it and it looks beautiful, you’d also have to maintain your home. And, as I mentioned, there are a lot of paint companies out there that’ll charge you a heck of lot more, and they’re good paints, but I don’t know that it’s definitely worth the investment where you can get premium paints at Ace that are affordable that will give you amazing results.

Sean: So, depending on the project I’m working on, I can head into the store, and the people at the store are gonna guide me to the right level that I probably need for the application?

Lou: Tell ’em what you’re working on, and they’ll make sure that you get the right bucket of paint and all the right sundries and tools you need to get it done right.

Sean: Thank you so much.

Lou: You’re welcome.

Sean: If you’re doing any painting project, head into you local Ace hardware store. They’re gonna guide you to the product and all the things you need to have success on your project. Or go to SDAceHardware.com.