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Time to Grill with the Big Green Egg

Grilling season is here! Is you grill ready? The Big Green Egg is a great way to easily grill, cook and even bake a cake! Check out this one of a kind grill at your local Ace Hardware store.

Details on ‘The Big Green Egg’

[Jordan] It’s time for the Ace Hardware project of the week .So today I’m here at Hillcrest Ace Hardware with Bryan where we’re talking all about it’s grilling season. And if you need a new grill or you need a grill in general now’s the time to pick one up so you can use it, maximize your outdoor use this summer.

[Bryan] That’s right.

[Jordan] Thanks for having me Bryan.

[Bryan] You betcha.

[Jordan] What do I need to know about grills?

[Bryan] Well what you need to know about grills is that it’s not just about propane anymore. Were having a real resurgence of pellets and the lump charcoal here like our Big Green Eggs.

[Jordan] So it’s all about how the things actually get cooked.

[Bryan] It is. The medium for making that fire.

[Jordan] It is something.

[Bryan] Like our Big Green Egg right here, you can grill, you can braise, you can actually bake a cake in it, and most of all you can smoke with the Big Green Egg.

[Jordan] That’s a lot of options.

[Bryan] It is but you’re going to want to use the 100% natural oak and hickory lump charcoal. No carcinogens, does not absorb into the clay, so you’re eating a real healthy meal.

[Jordan] Though I do know that with the pellet grills there’s different flavors of wood chips that kind of affect the flavor. Is there anything like that for the Big Green Egg?

[Bryan] Yeah we’ve got a full line. What you’re going to do is when you’re going to be smoking, we have the different Green Egg chips that you soak in water and that will help the smoke. And speaking of that, the shape of the Big Green Egg helps to circulate the air. It kind of convex the air and that whole system has been around for a thousand years.

[Jordan] I think it started in Japan.

[Bryan] Yeah. You know they used to bury it in the sand. So this is a very important sort of a deal here.

[Jordan] Yeah I mean if it wasn’t broken so they didn’t fix it. They stuck with the same shape.

[Bryan] That’s right. And it really is a great way to cook.

[Jordan]You told me off camera before we got started that it kind of acts like a convection oven. Which I know a lot of people at home know about that style of cooking.

[Bryan] Right.

[Jordan] I didn’t realize that was something that could kind of happen outdoors as well.

[Bryan] No, no, definitely. And one of the things we have here is called a convector, you’ll always hear the egg in it. We have a full line of egg-cessories up on our mezzanine to go along with the Big Green Egg so everything’s egg going on here ’cause I’m an eggs-pert.

[Jordan] You are an eggs-pert.

[Bryan] An eggs-pert.

[Jordan] This is a lifetime warranty on the enamel. Lifetime warranty on the clay. So really a top quality product ’cause they’re standing behind it.

[Bryan] It’s the last grill you’ll ever buy.

[Jordan] Well thank you so much Bryan. If you are in the market for a new grill, definitely consider the Big Green Egg. Head to you local Ace Hardware specifically Hillcrest Ace Hardware where they have an incredible selection of grills.