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The Window Cleaning Experience

We give you an inside look for what it’s like to be a Blue Ocean Window Cleaning customer. Discover how our experience was and how our windows looked after! Tune in to learn more about Blue Ocean’s window cleaning process.

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[Jordan] getting your windows professionally cleaned is so easy there’s absolutely no reason that you have to tolerate dirty windows so today Paul from blue ocean window cleaning is here to walk through the easy process thanks for coming in today

[Paul] good to be here with you Jordan

[Jordan] You just came out and cleaned my windows and I can vouch for how incredibly easy this is well why don’t you share with everyone how they get started how do they get their windows professionally cleaned

[Paul] well people call and first thing we’re gonna do is get all their contact information including their email address that’s really critical a little bit later on but once that information is gathered we make arrangements typically to go to the home walk-around do a window count find out there’s particular needs that they have take that information create an estimate that’s very comprehensive it has all the specifics we’ll be doing and we’ll put that together in a pricing and email it out to the customer or the potential customer and wait for a call

[Jordan] and I think that’s an important step because it’s what lets Blue Ocean know exactly what tools they’re gonna need for the job which was so crucial and it was so easy and quick

[Paul] and then when it’s time for the job the team arrives exactly typically to the technicians will show up they will greet the customer let them know what the plan is you know and typically the plan is one the gentlemen or workers will be inside one outside and the inside person is going to be wearing booties protecting the furniture and floors typically do a lot of vacuuming or the tracks make sure they’re clean remove the screens get them outside for cleaning and then there’s a person outside that’s getting the ladder out and getting up on the higher windows and taking care of the outside cleaning

[Jordan] absolutely both team members at my house took such care and I was I think my favorite part was the vacuuming of the tracks out of the window tracks because I one never realized that was a place that got so dirty but two it was such an extra above and beyond stuff that I appreciate that blue ocean

[Paul] well after we wrap up we typically ask the customer to look around make sure everything’s as you would expect and we get signed off and head out

[Jordan] thank you so much Paul get sparkling clean windows from blue ocean window cleaning today you will be so happy you did just like I am you want to give them a call at six one nine three six nine three six zero one to get started today