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The Ultimate Lawn Aerator Tool

Are you having a hard time keeping your lawn green? You might need lawn aeration. Four Seasons Lawn Aeration introduces us to the Truly Holey, a tool, created by the owner, that aerates your lawn.

Details On “The Ultimate Lawn Aerator Tool”

Jordan: Are you having a hard time keeping your lawn green? It might need aerating. Dominic from Four Seasons Lawn Aeration is here to introduce us to Truly Holey. Thanks so much for being here today. 

Dominic: Oh, thank you Jordan. Yeah, the Truly Holey is a tool that I invented myself. I’ve been aerating lawns in San Diego country now for 37 years, and the problem was with the machines, they’re big and bulky. They do a great job on the lawn, but you can’t get certain areas. You can’t get corners, you can’t get step stones. You can’t– 

Jordan: Or even by the cement even. 

Dominic: By the cement. Underneath trees. And I always want to do the best job possible. And there were tools out there that just weren’t adequate. They were too light. They had little tiny tube cores that would get clogged. They wouldn’t do a fine job. So, I invented my own tool. 

Jordan: So, show me how it works. 

Dominic: And this is it. It’s called the Truly Holey. And it weighs about five pounds. It has an open spoon tine. 

Jordan: Oh, right here. Okay. 

Dominic: Yeah, and it just sticks into the ground. When you stick it in the ground, what makes this tool so great, it never gets plugged. All the other ones you buy on the market, as soon as you stick it in the ground, they get plugged up. You don’t pull out a core. What you do is spiking the lawn. Spiking doesn’t do anything in relief compaction. This tool never gets clogged, pulls the core every time, and just the way my machines do. 

Jordan: So how often should homeowners aerate if they’re going to get this tool? 

Dominic: Well, this tool is made for anybody in the lawn care business. So, when you have customers out there that have a hot spot. Need it fixed. They can bring this out there, instead of trying to rent a machine They can come in there and take care of it quickly. Or for the home enthusiast, that wants to, you know, take care of their lawn themselves. You could do a whole lawn with this, but I really don’t recommend it.

Jordan: What if you have a small patch maybe, and–

Dominic: Absolutely

Jordan: And not really worth bringing in the big machine. 

Dominic: Absolutely, yeah, that’s–

Jordan: Where do we get one? 

Dominic: You get one, right now, we launched it where you can get it on Amazon. It’s called the Truly Holey. It’s a hand aerating tool, and that’s where you’d look it up. 

Jordan: Thanks so much Dominic. Aerate your lawn with the Truly Holey today. You can get yours by visiting ApprovedHomePros.com