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The Steps to Patching Drywall like a Pro

The Steps to Patching Drywall like a Pro

Patching drywall is no easy task and without following the proper steps, it’s easy to end up with a bad drywall patch. Luckily, Mr. Handyman has years of experiencing perfecting the drywall process. To make sure your DIY project goes smoothly, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by cutting a patch of new drywall to match the hole that you have in your wall. Make sure that it’s as tight as possible so that its the same thickness as the existing drywall.
  2. Steps to Patching Drywall like a Pro

  3. Patch that in, then screw in the nails so that it’s well supported and it’s flush with the existing drywall.
  4. Steps to Patching Drywall like a Pro

  5. Next, you want to tape it so that in the future that seam doesn’t crack. Start by mixing the drywall compound or drywall mud. Put the tape on and then add the drywall compound. You want to make sure that it’s nice and feathered so that it’s smooth.
  6. Steps to Patching Drywall like a Pro

  7. Once that’s all in and you’ve put the compound on the nail holes, then let that set. Drywall compound usually takes about 24 hours to set.
  8. After it’s set, you want to sand it down before adding the texture in to ensure it is smooth and level.
  9. Add the texture in. You want to match the texture to what’s existing on the wall, whether it’s a smooth texture or knockdown texture.
  10. Finally, after it’s dried it’s time to do the paint match. Match the paint to the existing wall and then paint over your drywall patch.

Steps to Patching Drywall like a Pro

Even after following the perfect steps, drywall patching can still be one of the harder DIY projects. Not only does it take a lot of time and patience, but also if you don’t match the texture or paint of the existing wall then you can end up with an obvious mistake. Especially for bigger or more complicated projects, it’s best left to the experts. Mr. Handyman can handle every phase of the drywall repair from start to finish, including adding insulation. Don’t let your drywall patch stand out like a sore thumb, call Mr. Handyman today!