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The Steps for a Professional Paint Job

The Steps for a Professional Paint Job

Contrary to popular belief, painting is much more difficult and requires more tools than just a can of paint and a brush. In fact, prep work allots for 30% of the whole project and good prep work sets the foundation for a successful paint job. If you’re a DYI-er, use these steps from 360 Painting San Diego to get the look of a professional paint job:


    1. Invest in good equipment, so you’re paint jobs comes out perfect! You will need: tape measure, stirrer, can of paint, pouring spot, roller tray, roller cover, angled sash paintbrush, blue painter’s tape, drop clothes, hole filler, screwdriver and a sponge.
    2. There’s no need for primer as most of today’s paints have primer in them. However, if you have severe staining or discoloration from new dry wall or water-based paint, then you will need primer.
    3. Pro Tip: If you wash out your paint brushes, they’ll last for years!

      Steps to a Profesional Paint Job

      Prep Work

        1. Take everything off the walls and move the furniture to the middle of the room. Cover your furniture with plastic, especially if you’re painting the ceiling.
        2. Clean the walls! Dust and dirt build up on your walls and can give you an uneven paint job.
        3. Remove the outlet covers and take hinges off of the doors to guarantee no paint gets on them.
        4. Pro Tip: Ensure you don’t lose the screw by turning it back into the outlet once you’ve removed the plate.
        5. Use caulk to seal against leakage, such as drywall cracks and or nail holes.
        6. Use the blue painter’s tape along the edges of your paint area to maintain a clean paint job.

          Steps to a Professional Paint Job


            1. Pour enough paint into the tray so that it almost fills the well toward the bottom without covering the ridges.
            2. Dip the roller into the tray and roll it back and forth over the ridges a few times to get an even coat.
            3. Pro Tip: Roll the paint onto a 3-foot-by-3-foot wall in a “w” shape to distribute smoothly. Continue this motion without lifting the roller until the whole section is painted.
            4. Paint the trim by dipping the angled painters brush into the paint and run the brush along the edge of the tape. Tape is there to help but is the not first line of defense, so make sure you’re still cutting straight lines when you paint.
            5. Always follow the manufacturer’s drying instructions before moving furniture back.

              Steps to a Professional Paint Job

              It’s safe to say that painting is a time consuming task that involves more steps than most people realize. While painting one wall can be a fun and easy DIY project, leave the bigger projects to 360 Painting San Diego. With a professional company you can rest assure that your paint job will turn out perfect. Call 360 Painting today so your home can receive the professionalism it deserves, and you can relax.