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The Most Common Toilet Problems

Whether it’s a leak or a running toilet, plumbing problems are very common for most homeowners. Mr. Handyman discusses the common toilet problems, why they happen and how to fix them. Tune in to learn more!

Details on ‘The Most Common Toilet Problems’

[Jordan] There are plenty of things that can cause problems, in or around your home but one of the most common ones is the toilet. So today, Bill Cone from Mr. Handyman is here to talk about the common toilet problems you might run into and how we can handle them. Thanks for being with me today.

[Bill] Thanks for having me Jordan.

[Jordan] I love that we basically have the guts of the toilet on the table here, let’s just dig into the two most common problems.

[Bill] Okay, so most people find that they hear the toilet constantly running or they hear that phantom flush out of nowhere so what we brought today is kind of the guts of the toilet. This is the fill valve and this is the flush valve and this is the flapper.

[Jordan] And all of this happens just inside the toilet?

[Bill] Yes, all of this just happens inside the toilet tank. We can just call it the guts of the toilet. These are the sources of most of your problems in the toilet. So, just quickly how they work- water comes in from your house through the fill valve and comes over to the flush valve and when you flush, this chain is lifted up and the flapper opens. Water goes down into the toilet and flushes it out. Once that has closed then we start refilling. So, usually what’s happening. A lot of problems are with the flapper. So either it becomes old and this seal is no longer holding and sometimes it’s as simple as this chain gets stuck under the flapper. So, anything that prevents it from creating a seal and stopping water from coming in. The other issue is when you hear the water constantly running. Then you have a problem with the fill valve. With the fill valve, there’s the water coming up and there’s this float which senses where the water is, and at some point it stops the valve and keeps the water from coming in. So, what we find between running toilet and phantom flush that these are usually your two highest culprits. So, what we would recommend is you just replace both of these. These are sold in a kit in all the common hardware stores and they’re usually less than 30 dollars.

[Jordan] So, it’s a very inexpensive fix.

[Bill] It’s an inexpensive fix and it’s a quick fix, you can do this in less than an hour.

[Jordan] Less than an hour which is great and it’s of course going to save you a ton in water because you don’t want to let the water continue to run. Common toilet problems are really easy to fix if you know what to do. And you can find Mr. Handyman and all our other tops pros at ApprovedHomePros.com.