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The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is not something that should be ignored. Howard & Sons Roofing joins us to discuss the importance of roof maintenance and what you need to know. Discover more today!

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[Sean] do you know how to take care of your roof Caesar from Howard & Sons roofing is here to explain basic roof maintenance and how the professionals can make it a breeze glad to have you talking with us today

[Cesar] thanks for having me

[Sean] now the roof is probably the most important part of the home because it covers everything you own and let’s talk about maintenance from two perspectives first of all what a consumer might be able to do a homeowner and then what you have to do, as a professional are there any things that the homeowner can do in terms of basic maintenance or preventative maintenance

[Cesar] absolutely a simple walk-around of the house looking at the roof you know the roof is one of those elements that it’s kind of out of sight out of mind so just walking around the house I don’t recommend anybody getting on the roof but I definitely encourage somebody to walk around check for clogged gutters you know take a look at your gutters those tend to dam up also any broken tiles missing shingles broken Ridge caps things of that nature will are going to allow an unwanted water feature to appear in your home

[Sean] what about if you have overgrown trees that may be touching your roof is that also something to address

[Cesar] that’s also a great point trees especially palm trees tend to release a lot of you know debris and what happens is it falls on the roof it dams it up and the next thing you know water is only meant to travel in one direction off of your roof so any type of dam is going to cause a problem backs up in that it’s inside of silica so you said something important not to get on the roof yourself or the homeowner but especially after maybe a major storm to do into that visual inspection

[Sean] but the key thing is to get the professional inspection

[Cesar] correct absolutely and you know it boggles my mind that people don’t call us for a free inspection we offer it absolutely for free

[Sean] and no cost to you so call the professionals to come out and take a look I have a perspective on that I think it’s because people are afraid to call the company and because they’re afraid you’re gonna recommend every time we roof ten thousand dollars or whatever it is

[Cesar] it’s actually a low percentage of the time you recommend that people need major work

[Sean] correct it’s only about 20-25 percent that people actually need you know a full rear roof

[Cesar] a lot of the times we had over a hundred and sixty calls for example over Thanksgiving to where people were asking for us to please come help because again they had an unwanted water feature inside the home we were only able to help about ten or fifteen of those people but nonetheless it was something as simple to slip tile so and that’s what happens I think all too often as people put those things off because it’s not top of mind they might have had a little water before it but roofs are not a self-healing thing there the roof isn’t going to get better if you if you wait

[Sean] absolutely not so if you notice a leak example this winter by all means give us a call you know when when the sun is shining so we come out to take a look it’s a great time to do it when the sun is shining and Colyer because you’re gonna recommend the right options for people get your roof inspected today call Howard & Sons