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The Importance of Rat Control

Rats are not only pests in your home but they also carry deadly diseases that could harm you and your family. Ecola Termite & Pest Control joins us to discuss how to control rat problems and what to be aware of. Tune in to learn more!

Details on the ‘Importance of Rat Control’

[Jordan] Southern California is seeing a rise in rodents and diseases once thought to be eradicated right now so Sue Fries e the termite lady is here with everything that we need to know about why rat control is so critical thanks for coming in sue this is a really important topic to talk about today

[Sue] it’s a very serious topic and we definitely need to be paying attention to this because diseases that we haven’t heard about I’ve been in the industry for 40 years and diseases that I have not heard of affecting us here in California are now hitting us and it’s because of the rodent population and the fleas that are biting the rodent and it’s causing diseases such as typhus that you don’t hear about you have not heard about but now we’re hearing a lot about it which is really pretty scary for families out there you know I know moms want to keep their kids

[Jordan] absolutely everyone in the family deserves to be disease-free and you know rodent free keep their homes yeah I mean so what do we know why this is happening

[Sue] well yes they’re just they populate you know a mother rat does fight has five litters in a year and every litter is eight to twelve babies every time so if you think about though and and it doesn’t take them long to grow up and start having babies themselves so the population has just become crazy and there are situations regarding what products we are now able to use and so it’s a serious matter

[Jordan] that’s so the exponential growth of the rats is really kind of scary and gross and I we need to know how to get rid of them and Ecola has all the tools yes you want me to go into that

[Sue] yeah okay we do exclusions so we will look for any opening a quarter or larger and we will put quarter inch mesh up then we set traps in the attic and we make sure that we catch whatever we’ve trapped inside that attic they are looking for a food source and a water source what you can do as a homeowner is you need to look for those and see if you can minimize or get rid of like dog food outside it’s a really good one for a homeowner too

[Jordan] just don’t feed the rats right so I like that that’s an easy DIY tip but really when it comes to getting rid of them if they are in your home or near your home we need the professionals like you hole up

[Sue] but absolutely do because when I find is do-it-yourselfers will do it yourself and then they end up calling us anyway so why not just you know minimize that and just call us to begin with

[Jordan] absolutely let you call a help you solve your rat problem let you call it keep the rats away from your home