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The End of the 30% Solar Tax Credit

2019 is the last year for the 30% federal tax credit for installing solar. SunPower by Milholland shares everything you need to know about taking advantage of the 30% solar tax credit before it disappears. Plus, discover additional rebates that are available from SunPower.

Details on ‘The End of the 30% Solar Tax Credit’

[Sean] 2019 is the last year for the 30% federal tax credit for going solar here with everything when you know about solar is Brian Milholland from SunPower Electric our go to solar expert Brian, great to have you this morning tell us about the 30% federal tax credit how it works.

[Brian] Right so you take the total system cost when you go solar and you get to take 30% of that and apply it to your taxes you get that as a rebate back from your taxes.

[Sean] Can you take that all in year one?

[Brian] Yeah.

[Sean] It’s 30% of the cost of the entire system which could be a lot of them/

[Brian] Yeah, if you have to do electrical or roofing or anything associated with it you take all of those costs together and you get a 30% federal tax credit.

[Sean] So, you can tie the roofing and those other things are needed for the solar into anything that you need to do to go solar so you have to if you don’t get that this year it ends or reduces in five years.

[Brian] It’s gonna sunset over the next three years so after this year reduces the following year reduces and then it goes away completely.

[Sean] I think like anything with solar you want to get on the bus everybody’s gonna get uh eventually the longer you wait to get on the bus the less good of a position you get yours.

[Brian] Right, the best time to go solar is today and with some power manufacturer just announced a 1040 rebate.

[Sean] I like the form 1040 for your taxes a thousand dollars a thousand forty dollars in rebate if you sign up to go solar before April 15 before taxes and you just have to sign up by then and not have it installed?

[Brian] Right just sign the contract by then.

[Sean] Can you double dip with that?

[Brian] 1040 and they’re 30 percent, absolutely.

[Sean] Okay so that’s great savings great savings. Also SunPower just came out with a panelist changing the landscape. Tell me about that.

[Brian] Yeah so they just announced last week they came out with their next generation technology. It’s a panel that’s the same size as everybody else’s panel but it’s 400 watts and more in power.

[Sean] Compare that to what somebody another leading company might be.

[Brian] Okay, so most companies just recently cracked the 300 watt per panel range and SunPower just blew that away by going over 400 watts per panel.

[Sean] Continuing to lead the way of SunPower normally does we’re never really time to get into it but you’re also certified by Tesla.

[Brian] Right, we’re certified as a Tesla powerwall installer.

[Sean] And that’s a great brand to be associated with as is SunPower. If you’re gonna go solar SunPower by Milholland is the we recommend and you need to take advantage of 30% federal tax credit before it’s gone. Get started with SunPower by Milholland today at 619-320-7373 and you can always find them at ApprovedHomePros.com just use the pro finder service.