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The Benefits of Moving Wall Systems

Like many homes in San Diego with a beautiful view, you want to showcase the view and the best way to do so is with moving wall systems. Best Value Glass demonstrates the moving wall systems and discusses the benefits of it. Be sure to check it out!

Details on ‘The Benefits of Moving Wall Systems’

[Jordan] In San Diego we want to take as much advantage of the views as we can so today I’ve come to best value glass and I’m learning all about moving wall systems here with Steve Walsh thank you so much for having me today

[Steve] Oh, thank you

[Jordan] So, tell me about this

[Steve] So, the moving walls can create open space and we have a lot of different materials that we can do it in we actually have a vinyl one here which is very energy-efficient and you know it’ll match your vinyl windows if you have vinyl windows

[Jordan] Wow, so it’s really a whole takes up a whole wall of your home if you want it to and it’s different panels I can see. Let’s show him how to close it

[Steve] You can do up to 20 panels and different colors and different materials and then there’s a real door just a traditional what we think of as a regular door to go in and out of the home- on one of the ends and you can put it on either end

[Jordan] And this way you can go through it without having to shut it, if you’re just going to go through and  into the back yard

[Steve] So it leaves you with a lot of options, we can go up to 60 feet

[Jordan] But what about the materials that it can be made of?

[Steve] So you can see how easy these roll

[Jordan] Absolutely

[Steve] So we can do these in aluminum and we can do aluminum on the outside and wood on the inside and we can do all wood and we can do vinyl. So, these little samples I see here are basically cross-sections of one of these panels so that we can see what’s on the outside and what’s on the inside and the colors are endless. We can powder coat just about any color and for the aluminum

[Jordan] How does best value glass help someone choose the right wall for their home?

[Steve] This is a pretty big space and they’re taking up a big room and you know, we can customize it however they want. We can all actually do a pocket wall where all the gets rid of the frame so the panels will be hidden inside will and we can do a multi slide also where it opens up and you can slide them over and do that opening like this, fold it and slide next to it. This is almost as popular as the folding option. It really opens up your space

[Jordan] It is really a fantastic system and you said it can go up to 60 feet. What about screens

[Steve] You can put a screen on these when you go really big  but you have to be careful, and again we can customize them.

[Jordan] Thanks, Steve! And that’s why you want to go to ApprovedHomePros.com/BestValueGlass and learn all about these moving wall systems.