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Discovering New Solar Options

When you go solar today, you no longer have to stick to installing panels to your roof. BVI Solar introduces new solar shingles that have the same effectiveness of panels without being as larger. Discover them today!

Details on ‘New Solar’

[Sean] there’s a new way to solar power your home today David from BVI solar is here to introduce us to solar shingles and we have a solar shingle with us here today what are the tell us a little bit about solar shingles and how they work and why people like them

[David] sure absolutely actually I’m very excited about this product Shawn because I’ve been familiar with this type of product for many years so a shingle is really part of a different larger class of solar panels called building integrated PV products BVI more recently made famous by Elon Musk and in the Tesla glass solar rooftop

[Sean] I was gonna ask if somebody people associate with Tesla with the solar shingles what are some of the reason people might choose to have these instead of a regular solar system

[David] the whole point behind solar shingles and other BIPV products is aesthetic appearance quite frankly homeowners one a month or roof to look beautiful with or without solar with solar this type of product actually is seamless than the street you can’t see it in the street when you do look down upon it it looks really just integrated and part of the rooftop

[Sean] it’s amazing how they look I was on a job site with you guys the other day and they just look beautiful when they’re installed you

[David] very much yeah

[Sean] and now I know that there was a big cost difference between traditional solar and solar shingles a while back but that gap has narrowed recently

[David] correct it has significantly overall what we tell customers is that for an integrated solar rooftop it’s about 50% more in terms of the solar component use of a traditional solar to be honest most homeowners actually love that love the fact that it looks beautiful and the additional cost gets washed out and by way the savings quite fresh so people can save enough with these to be able to offset that additional cost so they’re still a savings with us

[Sean] absolutely there’s still a savings it’s not as high as with traditional panels but there’s definitively a savings. so for the customer that the curb appeal the look is important and it is for probably every homeowner this is an option and they can still save money and get the look they want I think people don’t realize that because there used to be much more expensive

[David] absolutely and it’s important to note that starting January of 2020 you cannot pull a permit for a new home without having designed into it a solar rooftop so this is especially perfect for new home construction as well as we roofs

[Sean] yeah we’ve talked about musk and Tesla I know that they’ve helped promote it a lot but they’ve had a little bit of trouble in their supply chain getting it to people is that something that’s you’ve seen out there have been some starts and stops to speak and it is very difficult for consumers to get the product in fact many of the customers that we service today are ones that just can’t wait any longer they’ve got plans to build a house or redo a roof and they just need it now and you have it available to

[Sean] Yeah, great consultation you can help people decide if it’s the right thing for them let BVI guide you to the right solution for your home if it’s solar shingles they’ll help