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The Beauty of Solar Shingles

Thinking about going solar, but don’t want solar panels all over the roof of your home? Now, you can get solar shingles from BVI Solar and get all the benefits of solar without the bulkiness of the panels on your roof. Learn more today!

Details on ‘The Beauty of Solar Shingles’

[Sean] I’m at a beautiful home in Point Loma here with Tyler from BVI Solar and Julie Connolley, the homeowner and we’re going to learn today about solar shingles. So, Tyler- the homeowner here wanted solar shingles. First, for the audience tell us what those are.

[Tyler] So, solar shingles are an integrative roof tile that replaces a traditional solar panel with a more flush looking one that integrates with the roof, whether it’s a flat tile roof or a single roof.

[Sean] And it performs the same way as regular solar?

[Tyler] It performs the exact same way, they’re a little bit smaller though.

[Sean] And they look beautiful. This home had a reroof going on the same time, is that critical when installing solar shingles?

[Tyler] It is, so this home actually had a wood roof, which means it normally wouldn’t qualify for a traditional solar system. So, we did do a full reroof for it and we got the integrative roof tiles and now it’s going to look gorgeous when it’s finished.

[Sean] It’s already looking beautiful. So Julie, first of all beautiful home, I love the home. The aesthetics, is that the reason you went with solar shingles because of the way that they look?

[Julie] Absolutely, when you’re investing so much in a home and you’re taking care of all of these details to have a big clunky box on top of your beautiful home, just didn’t match. The way that regular solar looks, it’s not a horrible look but it definitely wouldn’t be as beautiful look as this is.

[Sean] I think that the regular solar, we’re all used to it and it’s very common but you notice it.

[Julie] And what we wanted with this house, and where it is and this view, we didn’t want it to be noticed.

[Sean] That’s a great choice. Now you first went to Tesla, and looked at Tesla, but what happened with them?

[Julie] We learned about solar tiles through Tesla, and we were right on board and put down a deposit and we were waiting and waiting and waiting… Then they came out and did a site survey, but it still just couldn’t come together. We couldn’t get dates, we couldn’t get prices, we couldn’t have it happen and we were running out of time on our end. So that’s when I started to research alternatives, and that’s when I learned about CertainTeed and BVI and Tyler came to the rescue.

[Sean] What’s the experience been like with BVI since you’ve started?

[Julie] Fantastic! And we looked at other solar companies in San Diego for this product but BVI was the only one who really stepped forward and gave us great engineering and super communication, answering all my questions at all crazy times of the days. And they came up with a plan and a price that was really effective and would work for us.

[Sean] Those are just some of the reasons that we highly recommend BVI Solar, not just for shingles but any solar needs. You can find them, at Approved Home Pros.com