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Take Advantage Of Off-Season Home Improvements

Like a lot of things in life, contractor’s work is heavily affected by seasonality. All Seasons Windows & Patios shares tips on how to take advantage of this industry trend. See how you can save money by making home improvements during the off-season.

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Sean: Like a lot of things in life, contractor’s work is heavily affected by seasonality. Today, I’m with J.R. from All Season Windows & Patios to help you learn how you can make this industry trend work to your advantage. J.R., glad to have you on the show today.

J.R.: Thanks for having us.

Sean: So, in home improvement, seasonality is a big factor and people can save a lot by buying off season.

J.R.: That’s right.

Sean: In your specific area of home improvement outdoors, is it a big factor, seasonality for your guys?

J.R.: Yeah, we get a little bit slower and people get into that mindset, because it’s a little bit colder, or it might have rained, they don’t think about the outdoors or their backyards anymore. But that’s absolutely the best time to get a patio cover enclosure.

Sean: Yeah, because in your industry, you want to make sure that your workflow is maximized, and your guys are busy all the time. I know at all season, you folks are always busy. But, you do experience those ups and downs, right?

J.R.: Absolutely, and we want to stay busy through the year, all the way through Christmas. But we don’t want our customers to think they can’t get anything done.

Sean: Yeah. And it is often times out of sight, out of mind. People aren’t outdoors; they’re not looking at the–

J.R.: Right.

Sean: Jones’ down the street. So they’re not thinking about that outdoor environment, and they’re not thinking about those upgrades. So, you have a very special offer that’s available for people, and it’s a great discount. Because of that, to take advantage of the seasonality, what’s that offer?

J.R.: Well, right now, we’re doing our 20% discount on any of our products: patio covers, windows, doors, pavers, turf. But we’re doing 25% off our enclosures, our sunrooms; many people call them. And 25% off our new fancy louvered roof, which is like shutters for your roof.

Sean: So, okay, let me make sure I really understand. So, 20% off any project that All Seasons does?

J.R.: Right, absolutely.

Sean: But 25% off, if your project includes an enclosure or louvered roof?

J.R.: That’s right.

Sean: So, 25% off everything?

J.R.: Everything.

Sean: Wow, that’s an amazing, amazing sale.

J.R.: Only available to the first 10 callers.

Sean: Yeah, that’s a key thing: only the first 10 callers. And this is a great example of making that seasonality work for you as a home owner, because you can only take 10 of these deals because you know that it’s going to keep your guys busy.

J.R.: Right.

Sean: And the way that you need your workflow to work.

J.R.: Absolutely. If you have family coming from out of town, we can still can get your patio cover up or enclosure up before the holidays.

Sean: So, all they have to do is mention Approved Home Pros when they call.

J.R.: Uh huh.

Sean: And, again, it’s the first 10 people, that’s really important. So, thank you.

J.R.: Absolutely.

Sean: Thank you for offering this deal.

J.R.: Thank you.

Sean: It’s a great, great savings for our audience. So, go to approvedhomepros.com to find the number, or you can call the number on your screen.