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Take a Class at Rockler and Make an Amazing Gift

Need a gift for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? Head over to Rockler Woodworking and Hardware to make a handmade gift mom and dad will be sure to love!

Details on ‘Make and Take Class at Rockler’

[Sean] So I’m here at one of my favorite places, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, off Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, with my good friend, Mike Durlak. Mike, glad to have you on the show today.

[Mike] Good to see ya’.

[Sean] We’re here talking to you because we have more of the Make & Take classes coming up. We’ve talked about them before, who are they for?

[Mike] For everybody. Targeted mostly for people who really want to get into woodworking, but don’t have tools, don’t have a lot of experience, these are perfect.

[Sean] Kind of like me.

[Mike] You’ve got some experience.

[Sean] Just a tiny bit, we’ll get to that in a second. These classes are running throughout April, Saturdays in April, correct?

[Mike] Yup, Saturdays in April, at, um, they’ll be doing them at 9:30 and one o’clock.

[Sean] Okay, marvelous. Let’s get down to some of the classes and what people will be learning. And again, you don’t have to have any experience to walk away with something like this. Correct?

[Mike] Right.

[Sean] So, let’s talk about this sign. First of all, do you get to pick your message, or do they all have to say Rockler?

[Mike] No (laughing), no we’ll be nice. No, you get to pick your message, we just try to keep the board to a reasonable size.

[Sean] And you do it with a router?

[Mike] You do.

[Sean] Okay.

[Mike] And our templates.

[Sean] And the template, okay, that’s great. And then, the next project, is the tote. Talk about the totes a little bit.

[Mike] The tote’s real simple. It’s a real nice project, it’s something almost everybody can use for something in their house. It makes a nice gift, for even for Father’s or Mother’s Day. The joinery’s really, really simple. You’re going to be using the scroll saw to cut out a template, you know, design of your choice. Really nice project.

[Sean] Yeah, that seems like a great project, but an easy project, which I like. Then we get into turning, which is where I did have a little experience, turning pens. These are, the same handles that people are going to be walking away with, but there’s going to be a screwdriver, correct?

[Mike] Yes, it’ll be a screwdriver, but we’re going to give you some different choices for handles.

[Sean] Okay, so people can pick something more complex, or a little bit more simple, depending on their style- What they feel comfortable with.

[Sean] Okay, marvelous. And, is somebody there to work with them with the lathe, ’cause the lathe can be a little intimidating. But there’s somebody there over their shoulder helping them every step?

[Mike] Oh yeah, for all of our classes, and we’ll probably have a few more people present for the lathe.

[Sean] And those classes are limited to what, like four people, correct?

[Mike] ‘Cause of the machines, right.

[Sean] And the last of them, which is also another turning project, is the bowls. So somebody walks away with a bowl. These are beautiful bowls, what kind of wood are they generally made from?

[Mike] Typically we’ll probably making ours from maple. But there is some different finishing choices where you could change the color, do something different if you like.

[Sean] Thanks so much, Mike. If you’re interested in any of these Make & Take classes, go to ApprovedHomePros.com/Rockler, and the link is right there to register. It’s easy, and when you come down to Rockler, they’re going to take such good care of you. They’re wonderful folks, just like Mike. Head on down today.