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The Best Window Companies in San Diego

Your home’s windows shouldn’t be overlooked. You know that the right window has the power to transform your home’s curb appeal and provide that sought-after natural light, but don’t forget about its cooling efforts, noise impact and even safety. From wood and vinyl windows to double pane, triple pane and even energy efficient options, today’s window varieties come in a wide array of styles and materials. With so many options, each with their own set of pros, cons and costs, you will want to consult an expert to ensure you’re able to make the best selection for your home. Whether you’re in the market for replacement windows or searching for a reputable expert in window repair, choose our locally-vetted specialists to explore their high-quality, dependable products and experience their exceptional service.

New Construction Windows vs Retrofit Windows

The term ‘new construction windows’ refers to any window that was or will be installed directly on the frame of a brand new home, or a new home addition, whereas replacement windows, also known as retrofit windows, can be installed without the removal of any exterior materials of the home. New construction windows allow for creativity and customization – designed to fit exact specifications within your home and design. Retrofit versions only replace the actual window itself and are designed to fit in your home’s existing window opening. A great majority of window replacement costs consist of the removal of an old window frame and inserting a new window in its place. Retrofit windows offer a way around such costs, leaving the trim undisturbed while reaping the benefits of the upgrade.

When Do I Replace My Windows?

Depending on the age of your windows, you may be dealing with unnecessary draftiness, sticking or even spiked energy bills. Your home’s windows, like any feature, has a lifespan – an average of 15 to 20 years before they begin to deteriorate. Some common issues are minor and can be repaired by a window repair specialist, while some damage such as a warped, broken or damaged frame may require full replacement. If your windows are fogged, drafty, sticking, refusing to stay open or if you’ve notified a significant spike in your home’s electricity bill, your windows may need replacing. To best assess your home’s window needs, trust a reliable specialist to make professional recommendations, repairs, and replacements if necessary.

While broken or damaged windows make an obvious plea for replacement or repair, don’t forget to consider that windows are amongst one of the most prominent features of your home, and can work wonders to upgrade its curb appeal. If your home’s windows are looking worn, faded or tattered, it may be time for a makeover!

Should I Consider Energy Efficient Windows?

In recent years, temperatures in San Diego neighborhoods have reached uncomfortable heights, forcing many homeowners to run their air conditioning on a regular basis. Help keep your home cool with the right window selection. From glass type to frame type, certain selections will help keep you and your home comfortable in warmer months. Did you know that heat acquired through your home’s windows is often responsible for 25% of residential cooling energy use? Your home’s windows can have your AC working overtime or they can aid in cooling efforts, and we all want the latter! For those looking to minimize their cooling costs, energy efficient windows can provide significant relief from San Diego’s increasing temperatures and electricity costs. Energy efficient windows use a low-emissivity glass, also known as Low-E glass, which is designed to help block the rays of the sun by 90%. Many window professionals recommend exploring Low-E, double-pane vinyl windows to protect your home from UV rays. This option works to block out the sun’s rays and excess heat, and thanks to the vinyl material, is extremely durable. While upgrading your home’s windows will increase it’s overall value, selecting energy efficient windows can be an even bigger draw for potential buyers looking to cut down on energy cost.

Popular Window Materials

Our windows face high temperatures and a coastal climate, making them easily susceptible to UV damage, major heat transfer and water damage. Vinyl, a common selection for replacement windows, is made from an impact-resistant material with specific, hollow chambers designed to diminish heat transfer and condensation.

Vinyl. Vinyl windows are one of the least expensive but most durable, insulating and easily-maintained window options. Because of this they offer superior strength, and also come in a wide selection of colors and customization. However, if you’re looking to paint your window frames, vinyl isn’t the best choice.

Fiberglass. Fiberglass, sharing many of the same positive attributes of vinyl windows, stands up well to the elements and won’t crack in response to temperature changes. Fiberglass contains strong thermal insulators that will help keep your home cool in warmer months and is easily customized. Unlike vinyl windows, you can paint fiberglass to fit the style of your home.

Wood. Wood window frames are incredibly versatile and can be customized to fit the wide style range of San Diego homes. This popular material can be as durable as its counterparts with proper maintenance, doesn’t conduct heat and protects your windows from condensation.

Common Issues in San Diego Windows

Rotted Wood. Home’s in San Diego’s coastal neighborhoods are constantly exposed to significant moisture in the air. If your windows are wooden, this means they are prone to rotting. Thankfully this common window issue is easy for a professional to fix by cutting away any rotted wood, replacing it with wood putty, sealing it or simply replacing the damaged piece.

Broken Window Pane. A broken window or sliding glass door can be an incredibly common nuisance many homeowners face, but unlike some home repairs, immediate action is most often required. Once you’ve cleaned up any broken glass, you want to get to work on repairing or replacing your window, especially during warmer months when such damage could cause a significant spike in your electric bill if left for too long!

Foggy Glass Windows. Chances are, you’ve seen that murky, hazy, foggy look in double-pane or insulated windows. This is an incredibly common (and at times, costly) issue facing many homeowners in wet, coastal neighborhoods such as La Jolla, Solana Beach, Del Mar, Imperial Beach, Encinitas, Leucadia and beyond. Why? Because, water exposure and even extreme sun exposure can, over time, break down the insulating seal, allowing moisture to form between the panes of the glass. Moisture between the panes results in that foggy look. While you may be able to live with it visually, did you know that foggy windows could be costing you in your cooling efforts? Because of the broken seal and impaired insulation, your air conditioner may be working double time to control your home’s temperature. Unfortunately, this issue often calls for glass replacement and cannot be fixed without the expertise of a professional.

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