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    San Diego Flood Damage

    In San Diego, our homes can be susceptible to two of the most damaging disasters a home can face: floods and fires. Unfortunately, disasters do happen, and if one strikes your San Diego home, you’ll want to be prepared to act quickly with professionals and experts that can take the worry out of any potential water damage restoration/recovery, flood clean up, water removal or fire damage repairs. Whether your home or property has suffered a fire, flood or significant leak, finding the right professional to guide you through the next steps is key. Proper repairs and cleanup are crucial to maintain the integrity and safety of your home and can prevent any potential harmful exposure to you and your family. We know that when it comes to your home, any damage or disaster requires the utmost care, expertise and professionalism. Explore our list of guaranteed, locally-vetted experts to ensure that you and your home are in the right hands in the face of disaster.

    Most Common Causes of Home Floods

    We’ve all heard the horror stories. A family comes home from their vacation only to find a pipe has burst and their home has suffered tremendous water damage. Or a friend starts their washing machine then heads out to run errands, returning to find a significant pooling of water. It’s no wonder that two of the most common home flood causes are appliance malfunctions and bursting pipes, which is usually a result of pressure regulator failure. A pressure regulator is essentially a control value that is designed to keep your home’s plumbing system running smoothly by steadily controlling the water pressure. Over time, that water pressure regulator can fail or falter, resulting in a surge of water and a burst pipe. A broken pipe can wreak havoc on your home but is often a preventable nuisance. We recommend taking note of even the most minor of leaks, as they can be a warning sign of damaging pipes or future floods.

    How to Prevent Home Floods

    We know that you can’t prepare for everything in life, but you can do your best to prevent and protect your home from floods. Consider working with a reputable, trustworthy plumber to routinely check your pressure regulator to order to avoid floods caused by burst pipes or washing machine or laundry machine malfunctions. Pay attention to shifts in your water pressure, or sudden high water pressure. Most plumbing experts recommend that appliances be used with water pressure no higher than 80 psi. Anything higher can put significant stress on your fixtures. While higher water pressure can be enjoyable, it can also be a sign of trouble. Warning signs that water pressure is too high include banging pipes, running toilets, leaking faucets, and spitting faucets.

    What to Do If You Come Home to a Flood

    If your San Diego home has experienced a significant leak or flood, you will want to act quickly to best prevent any further water damage. If you’ve come home to find running water pouring into your home, first attempt to shut the water off by checking the angle stop near where the water is coming from, such as under the sink or near the washing machine. Once the water has been turned off, call a professional plumber. They will be able to expertly tend to all water systems in your home, and tackle any water removal or flood clean up. Depending on the cause and source of the flood, such water can be toxic and contain harmful contaminants that pose a health threat. Given that, cleanup is best left to the professionals. If water damage is present, you will also want to call a recovery or restoration company to best assess what clean up method and repairs need to be done. While any such damage to your home can seem incredibly overwhelming, you can take comfort in knowing that work by anyone in our Approved Home Pros network is guaranteed.

    Fire Damage Repair

    If your San Diego home has had a fire, we understand that the proper care and cleanup can provide a certain level of comfort during an incredibly traumatic time. Fire damage repair should absolutely be handled by a professional team that will carry out the clean-up, repairs and rebuilding necessary to remove all signs of the fire and get you and your family back into your home. This can include cleaning out any fire damage, smoke removal, soot removal, ash removal, reconstruction and renovation. Any of our listed fire damage specialists will work diligently and meticulously to restore and repair your home in the face of a disaster.

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