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    Pest & Termite Control and Inspections in San Diego

    We all know and love San Diego’s wonderful weather and comfortable climate, but did you know it makes it easier for unwanted pests to thrive all year round? Whether your home is dealing with a current infestation or are you looking to stay ahead of any future damage, let our list of experts in pest control put your mind at ease. Coastal neighborhoods like Encinitas, Del Mar, Pacific Beach, Solana Beach and La Jolla are prone to termites due to excess moisture, while areas with expansive fields such Rancho Santa Fe, Ramona or Temecula may struggle with rodents. Whatever pest is bugging your home needs to be removed quickly, and with guaranteed success. Use Approved Home Pros to find San Diego’s very best exterminators and pest control professionals to keep any invasive creatures at bay.

    Most Common Pests in San Diego

    No matter where you live in San Diego, when it comes to pest control, our list of Approved Home Pros know exactly what you’re up against, because they live and work in neighborhoods just like yours! Not only is their work guaranteed, but our exterminator experts are local, so they can provide fast and reliable pest control services as soon as possible. Ants, bees, silverfish, earwigs, termites, gophers, mice, rats, roaches or spiders – whatever pest is targeting your home is no match for San Diego’s best exterminators. While some homeowners choose to do their own pest control, most fail to fully eradicate the issue, leaving their homes exposed to even further damage. The danger in using one of the many at-home bug and rodent treatments available is that many people will use too much product or even select the wrong at-home pest control, which could lead to even further trouble.


    Did you know termites cause $5 billion worth of damages to homes per year? That’s why when it comes to dealing with such pests you need a pro in termite control! Often known as the ‘silent destroyer’ due to the significant amount of damage they can do within a home without detection, termites are wood-destroying pests that flourish in warmer, wetter climates like the coastal towns of San Diego. One of the biggest warning signs of a termite infestation are piles of sawdust-like material found around your home’s exterior walls. If a termite problem is attended to early, alternative treatment methods may help you avoid fumigation.


    Ants can contaminate food, weaken the structures in your home, destroy landscaping and even cause harm to household pets. Ant infestations can escalate quickly: often homeowners will spot two or three as an early warning sign of trouble to follow. If you have an ant infestation in your San Diego home, it’s crucial to find a reliable exterminator who can first identify the species of ant, successfully track down the cause of the infestation and remove the issue. Our pros will be able to locate where the pesky ants accessed your home and seal off the area to further ensure your issues are fully resolved.


    Most often when homeowners think of ‘pests,’ rats and mice are what come to mind. Creepy, crawly, and completely invasive, these disease-carrying rodents chew through wiring in cars and homes, gnaw through soft woods and are one of the most common pest control issues in San Diego. Warning signs of a rodent infestation include sightings of droppings or the sound of scurrying in walls of your home. San Diego residents most often struggle with house mice, roof rats and Norway rats. In part, this is due to popularity in both fruit-baring and palm trees. Roof rats (often known as black rats or fruit rats) are prevalent in San Diego neighborhoods thanks to palm trees because they often nest within palm frond skirts. If you believe your home may have a rodent issue, it’s crucial to take action quickly. Rodents can prove to be one of the most troublesome pests to fully eradicate, as they’re known to be speedy multipliers. A mouse or rat infestation can quickly get out of hand, but with our list of reviewed and approved exterminators, you can rest assured that all entry points will be located, nesting sites will be eliminated, and all work is guaranteed.

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