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The Best HVAC Services & Repairs in San Diego

Your home’s HVAC system is designed to keep you and your family comfortable in your home, by taking on all heating, cooling and air quality efforts. Through controlling the temperature and humidity level inside and even improving the cleanliness of the air, these systems give you greater control over your environment. Are you looking to add a system to your home? Explore your heating and cooling options with an expert to best assess your home’s needs. When is the last time you serviced your system? Regular maintenance and occasional repairs can help extend your system’s lifespan and ensure you and your family are comfortable, year-round.

What’s an HVAC System?

Before you can better understand the anatomy of your HVAC system, let’s explore what it actually is. It’s an integrated system that is responsible for exactly what it stands for: heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It’s a  whole system designed to make the interior temperatures and air quality comfortable and habitable.

Types of HVAC Systems

There are four main heating and air system types that your home might have. If you are in the market for a new heating and cooling system for your home, finding the right contractor is key. A reliable, reputable HVAC contractor can help guide you to the perfect solution for your home.

Heating and Air Conditioning Split System

One of the most classic HVAC systems, split systems refer to having components of the system both inside and outside of your home. They typically include an air conditioner that cools the refrigerant, furnace and a fan that converts the refrigerant and circulates the air; ducts that carry the air throughout the space; and a thermostat to manage the entire system. On occasion, air cleansers, purifiers or humidifiers may be added to this type of system to further enhance the air quality in your home.

Hybrid Heat Split System

Another popular system, the hybrid heat split is a more advanced version of the classic. Hybrid systems use both an electric heat pump and a furnace, making it one of the best energy-efficient options in HVAC systems and a wise choice for San Diegans hoping to cut down on cooling costs.

Duct-Free Split System

Ductless systems, also called mini-splits, are an ideal option for homeowners seeking an extremely energy-efficient heating and air system, as they rely exclusively on heap pumps, cutting out any potential heating or cooling losses that are common with duct leaks. A less traditional method that’s ideal for our warmer climate here in San Diego, ductless HVAC systems can also provide relief from irritating substances such as dust, pollen or pet hair. These systems are also great HVAC solutions for homes that cannot accommodate traditional ducting.

Packaged Heating and Air Conditioning System

The ideal HVAC system for smaller homes or spaces, this option is often far less expensive than split systems because all of its components are installed in one place. Packaged systems still contain the air conditioner, heat pump, evaporator and thermostat, and can include additional air quality improvers without taking up as much space as the other three systems.

HVAC Maintenance

Did you know that the average heating and air conditioning system requires maintenance at least once a year? In fact, many experts recommend a check-up every six months. To keep your home’s HVAC system in top shape, consider hiring professional in out Approved Home Pros network to routinely inspect and carry out maintenance on your system. Your system’s check-up could include cleaning the wiring or mechanisms of the unit, checking or replacing the filter, and ensuring that your system is doing all it can to keep your home’s air comfortable and clean. To increase your system’s life span and efficiency, consider buying high-efficiency pleated air filters and change them at least every 90 days. You should also keep outdoor units clean from any debris and inspect refrigerant lines each month. If your HVAC system has an issue or requires a repair, it is best to take care of such projects as soon as possible with the help of a pro. If your system is suffering from a malfunctioning piece, you may notice that your energy bill has spiked, meaning your machine has had to work harder than normal to carry out its job. Regular maintenance on your system won’t just keep your home comfortable, it will also ensure that you’re doing your part to keep your energy bill lower.

HVAC Repairs

Many homeowners find their heating and cooling systems face refrigerant leaks, electric control failure, dirty filters, draining problems or sensor malfunctions. Amongst the most common issues facing your home’s HVAC system is a dirty or old filter. Filters should be replaced anywhere from every month to every 90 days, depending on your system and the frequency of use. A clean filter keeps up your desired quality of air and ensures your machine isn’t working harder than it has to. If you haven’t changed your HVAC system’s filter in quite some time, you may have noticed a lack of air flow from your machine and should address it promptly. Another common repair you may face are refrigerant leaks, an especially common issue in warmer months. Liquid refrigerant is what creates that cool air we know and love, and if your system has run into a refrigerant leak, you may notice that your air conditioning is blowing out muggy, warm air. Your AC needs this liquid to work and bringing in a professional to carry out this repair as soon as possible will help you avoid further burn out. While changing the filter is an easy DIY project, most maintenance on your HVAC machine is complex, crucial and best left to a reliable professional.


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