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San Diego Hot Tubs

Is there anything more relaxing than soaking in an outdoor hot tub? Hot, soothing water, pulsing jets and a serene environment for total relaxation and family enjoyment. A mini escape for homeowners who are looking to create their very own oasis in their San Diego yard, an outdoor hot tub might just be exactly what your space is missing. Before you can sit back and soak, you’ll want to consider what you are hoping to get out of your new hot tub, by determining its intended use, desired size, color, and even the style of jets.  If you’re getting ready to take the plunge on a brand new Jacuzzi hot tub or are looking for professional hot tub installation, let one of the companies in our Approved Home Pros network help you through the process. From purchase to installation and maintenance to proper care, one of our guaranteed, local experts will easily make such improvements a breeze so you and your family can enjoy your outdoor hot tub all year long.

Before you launch into shopping for that new hot tub you may want to do a little research. Understanding some of the ins-and-outs of hot tub construction, upkeep, options, and costs will help you make the best choice.

Common Hot Tub Material

Selecting the right material for your outdoor hot tub is amongst one of the first and most crucial steps. Your hot tub shell material will greatly affect the overall look, cost, durability and even lifespan.

Acrylic Shell

Versatile, durable and beautiful, acrylic is amongst one of the most popular hot tub shell materials thanks to its versatility and ability to be molded into a wide variety  of sizes. Acrylic makes for an aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient shell. Acrylic hot tubs retain their heat, hold up to everyday wear and tear, and are available in an array of styles and colors. Keep in mind that hot tubs made with acrylic shells are often heavier and more expensive, ranging from the low thousands to over $15,000.

Roto-molded Plastic

A minimal-to-no maintenance finish that’s built to last: roto-molded hot tubs are often available at a lesser price than acrylic hot tubs with comparable comfort, aesthetic, features and design. With roto-molded plastic hot tubs, regulating water temperature is a bit more difficult due to its lessened ability to retain heat. Unlike its heavier cousin acrylic, plastic shells are lightweight and easily transported. One potential issue to consider is that roto-molded hot tubs may increase your electric bills, as this is not an energy-efficient option.


Vinyl is a popular liner when hot tubs are attached to a home’s inground pool, as they are often bought in tandem. Selecting vinyl as a material for your outdoor hot tub would potentially be a cost-effective option, however consider that vinyl hot tubs struggle to retain heat and show wear and tear easily. For San Diegans, constant sunshine is often seen as a positive but with vinyl, you can expect such exposure to fade its coloring.

What is the Cost Range of a Hot Tub?

Like any appliance, hot tubs are available in a wide price range from lower end models averaging $2,000, mid-tier levels averaging $5,000 to $8,000, high end models averaging anywhere from $9,000 to $12,000 and luxury models averaging $13,000 to $20,000. When it comes to selecting the ideal hot tub for your San Diego property, consider your intended use, the expected durability, and cost of operation associated with your hot tub! While higher end and luxury models are an obvious initial investment, they may pay off more so over time due to their increased longevity, energy efficiency and durability.

Where Should I Put My Hot Tub?

You’ve decided to invest in your very own outdoor hot tub. Ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation await you, but first, you’ll want to select the ideal location for your new investment. If you are purchasing a portable or freestanding hot tub, you’ve got plenty of potential places to work with. Keep in mind that you’ll want to consider ease of maintenance, ease of use, structural support and even waterproofing or drainage when selecting its location. You’ll want to ensure your hot tub is in a location that is convenient for you, your guests, and any potential maintenance professionals to reach. Such easy access is also important when it comes to drainage, considering that you’ll want to completely drain your Jacuzzi a few times a year. Given that, its advised to place your new hot tub near an existing drain. Don’t forget that hot tubs are extremely heavy and call for a location that will be able to support its massive weight. As you can see, there are a few key variables that you will want to assess before deciding on your hot tub’s new home. To ensure that your hot tub installation goes smoothly, explore our list of approved, local experts.


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