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Benefits Of A Local Security Company »

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS One of the questions that always comes up is 'What's the difference between a local company versus a national company?'

Do Security System Yard Signs Really Work? »

SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS We've all seen an alarm company's security sign in a yard, but do they actually work? Richard Mates from Safe at Home discusses just how important yard signs are when it comes to security.

Do Video Cameras Protect My Home? »

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS When it comes to home security, you not only want to ensure that your home is safe but also your family. Richard Mates from Knight Security discuss the effectiveness of video cameras when it comes to home security. Tune in to learn more!

Do You Need A Landline For A Home Security System? »

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS One of the most common questions I receive all the time is 'do I need a phone line in order for my alarm system to transmit signals?' Traditionally, yes, but today no.

False Alarms When It Comes to Home Security »

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS When your have an alarm system, false alarms are bound to happen. Knight Security joins us to discuss how these false alarms happen and what to do in the event of a false alarm. Discover how to keep your home and family better protected.