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Home Inspection in San Diego

You’re about to purchase a home in one of San Diego’s incredible neighborhoods… Congratulations! We know this is one of the most exciting times in life. We also know that this is a significant, monumental investment. To guarantee that you are closing on such a purchase with as much information as possible, you’ll want to have a home inspection done by a professional home inspector. Doing so means that you can avoid any potentially unpleasant surprises and gives the seller an opportunity to carry out any necessary repairs. As the buyer, you will want to call in a qualified home inspector prior to closing. To ensure that you receive the very best out of your home inspection services, consider hiring from our list of locally vetted, guaranteed experts. When you hire a home inspector in the Approved Home Pros network, you can rest assured that you and your home are in good hands.

What is a Home Inspector?

Think of a home inspector as a professional consultant that will best assess the current condition of your potential new home’s systems. A home inspector is like a doctor for your house, they’ll be able to spot and report back on red flags that could cost you as the new homeowner greatly, should they continue to go unidentified. These pros are able to carry out a close assessment based on a visual inspection and will provide you with a written report identifying any issues that will require repair, reassessment, or even a renegotiation of the home’s selling price.

Why Should I Hire a Home Inspector?

Before you close on your dream San Diego home, it is absolutely recommended that you hire a professional home inspector to carry out a full, professional inspection. While this isn’t a mandatory step in the home buying process, many rely on home inspection services as the final ‘check’ before they grab those keys. They can help you identify or rule out potential issues such as mold, insect infestation, water damage, roofing problems, HVAC issues, foundation issues and beyond. We know that this is an important step in your home buying journey, and hiring the right professional for the job can make this process all that much easier.

What Happens if They Find Issues?

The reality is that every home has its own issues: some minor, some major, some fixable, some deal breakers. If the house you’re hoping to call ‘home’ has a few issues discovered during your professional home inspection, don’t panic. The whole meaning behind a home inspection is to discover major problems that can and should be fixed prior to the home switching hands. As the potential buyer, you have the opportunity to renegotiate your offer, instead of requesting that the owner carries out the repairs themselves. As the buyer, minor issues that could cost you less than $100 may be best to carry out on your own after closing, whereas major issues that could affect your enjoyment of the home, such as HVAC issues, should be acknowledged. While minor issues aren’t cause for concern, major discoveries such as mold problems, major electrical defects, significant plumbing issues, unsafe structural issues or termite damage, would, in most instances, require fixing from the seller. Issues with the foundation, mold, water damage, roofing problems or termites may be cause for concern. Some issues present unique challenges or safety hazards that if discovered during a professional home inspection, may call for further professional expertise. Mold, being one of them. It is often on the top of most homebuyer’s worry list, and understandably so, but don’t think that mold has to be a deal breaker. If your home inspector discovered mold, you’ll want to hire a qualified inspector to identify the variety and potential health risks associated.

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

You’re anxious to close on your new home! We understand. On average, a professional home inspection can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. Once completed, your San Diego home inspector will be able to provide a written report to you within 24 to 48 hours. Once you’ve been able to review the report, you can work with your real estate agent to present any requested repairs to the seller.


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