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Hiring a Handyman in San Diego

If your San Diego home is in need of minor home repairs, you may be thinking of hiring a handyman. When it comes to general maintenance, cleaning, basic plumbing and electrical, masonry, carpentry and minor renovations, a handyman may just be the right professional for the job. If you don’t have the expertise, time, tools or even desire to carry out such projects yourself, you and your home would both benefit from bringing in a skilled handyman. Armed with the expertise, tools and experience to tackle your home improvement wish list, the right handyman service can make homeownership all that much easier. Before you decide to spend your weekend managing leaky pipes, drain cleaning, tile cracks, loose or warped cabinetry, or even paint touch ups, consider the saved time, money, and effort you of hiring a handyman. Leave your home repair projects to seasoned, local professionals – explore our list of locally vetted and Pros today.

What is a Handyman?

A handyman is defined as a skilled professional with expertise in home repair and home maintenance work. He or she can provide services for both the interior and exterior of your home and is often considered a ‘jack of all trades’. If you’ve got a lengthy list of ‘odd jobs’ or ‘tasks’ that test the limits of your DIY prowess, consider hiring a handyman to ensure the job is done safely and effectively. If you’re looking for a local expert with an excellent reputation, consider hiring your next handyman service from our vetted list of Approved Home Pros.

Why Hire a Handyman?

Some homeowners wonder why they should hire a handyman, when the projects and repair jobs they most often carry out seem to be fairly DIY? Simply put, a handyman is a professional in home repair. They are experts in their craft, and will be able to carry out projects with ease and expertise. While you may be able to install your own light fixture or new faucet, or even patch that drywall, hiring a handyman helps ensure the desired work is done safely, quickly, and efficiently, the first time. Cleaning your San Diego home’s gutters, assembling furniture or mounting shelves seems easy enough, but actually require more time and tools than many homeowners have! Handymen already have the tools, the experience and the professional background to keep the job done quickly. The safety of such jobs should always be considered as well, as many home repair projects seem straight forward and foolproof but can have hidden complexities or consequences. Save yourself the time, money and worry by hiring a reliable home repair expert.

What Can’t a Handyman Do?

Some handymen are licensed to do more complex repairs, for instance, plumbing or electrical. Others aren’t! Although your San Diego handyman is an expert in home repair with the skills, experience, knowledge and tools needed to complete an endless list of jobs, there are certain projects that may be best left to other professionals. If you are having extreme issues with your home’s plumbing, gas appliances or electrical system, it’s advised to seek out specialists such as local electricians or plumbers. This is due to the fact that some handymen may not be licensed for such projects and as a result, may not be able to carry out the full scope of work. That being said, most handymen are fully equipped (and licensed) to carry out small electrical or plumbing repairs. For example, a handyman can easily install or repair a faucet or garbage disposal, repair a clogged or fix a running toilet but shouldn’t move plumbing or upgrade a circuit breaker.

How to Hire the Right Handyman

Consider creating and prioritizing a home repair ‘wish list’ for any potential handyman. Sharing it with them and getting their feedback on potential projects will allow you to better determine which candidate is ready to tackle it. Ask them about rates and cost up front, and remember to get a project estimate in writing. For larger scale projects, consider gathering two or three estimates to ensure you are getting the best price and value. If the handyman you hire isn’t an Approved Home Pro, remember to check that they carry liability insurance and have exceptional reviews from past customers. To take the guesswork out of the hiring process, explore our list of approved, licensed and guaranteed pros.

Does a Handyman Need a License?

In the state of California, handymen hoping to carry out larger-scale projects that would cost homeowners more than $500 (including labor and material cost) must have a contractor’s license. California doesn’t offer licensing specific to handymen, so if you are seeking a potential home repair specialist to tackle a larger scale flooring and bathroom remodel project, they must have both plumbing and flooring contractor licenses to charge you more than $500 for the project.

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