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The Best Garage Door Service & Repair Companies in San Diego

Garage doors go beyond functionality, they can greatly contribute to the aesthetic of your home and add great resale value – to the tune of 90% return on investment. Maybe your garage door is outdated or in need of maintenance, or maybe you are in the market for an upgraded, more customized look for your home. If you are looking for expert garage door repair or to add custom garage doors to your San Diego property, look no further. Our Approved Home Pros are local experts that have been vetted, approved, and their work is guaranteed.

Why Should I Hire a Professional in Garage Door Repair?

Garage doors are a great investment but unfortunately, they aren’t without their issues. If your garage door is no longer tracking correctly, having difficult lifting, or has been damaged by vehicles, you’re need professional assistance. While you could carry out the repair on your own, you run the risk of causing further issues by tampering with all of the interacting systems involved. It’s important to note that DIY garage door repair can also be incredibly dangerous. A malfunctioning or poorly repaired garage door could translate to a serious safety hazard for you and your family. When it comes to projects and repairs involving fairly complex systems such as garage doors, consider hiring a pro to ensure you and your home are safe from significant problems or potential injury.

What Are My Material Options?

When it comes to purchasing custom garage doors for your San Diego home, you have a wide variety of materials to choose from! Steel is one of the most popular and cost-effective materials, typically ranging from $750 to $3,500 depending on the quality of the door. Steel makes for extremely durable and fairly low-maintenance garage door, though thinner steel doors may be more prone to denting. Steel is a heavier material that would require a powerful opener, as well. Fiberglass garage doors are popular due to the fact that they won’t rot, warp or rust, all of which are concerns that many coastal neighborhoods must consider. Fiberglass is lightweight and easily customizable, so you can achieve a variety of looks for your custom garage doors. Fiberglass garage doors can typically run between $1000 and $1,800 for a double. Vinyl is an excellent choice for homeowners with children or for those who expect a bit more wear and tear. Vinyl is incredibly long-lasting, lightweight and dent-resistant, and it’s able to withstand humid, warmer and coastal climates. Vinyl garage doors can cost anywhere from $900 to $1,500. Wood composite doors are another option to consider. They are made with recycled wood fibers, are rot resistant and offer strength similar to steel with the look and texture of wood. Such doors will cost anywhere from $1,200 to $2,200.

Repair vs Replace

If your garage door has suddenly stopped working, you aren’t necessarily facing a total replacement. There are common issues that garage doors can run into that are easily fixed with the help of a garage door professional such as imbalanced sagging, single panel damage, slow lifting or no lifting what so ever. Cosmetic damage is one of the most popular reasons behind garage door repair. Maybe your door has chipped paint, cracked paneling or fading. These issues may not directly affect the operation of the door, but they aren’t visually appealing, and can be easily fixed by a professional! If your garage door is less than ten years old and its issues are cosmetic, your most cost-effective option should be repair. If your garage door has suffered structural damage or functionality failure, you may want to consider replacement. For many San Diego homeowners, a warped or rusted garage door may be due in part to humidity, moisture in the air, or even extended UV damage. Should you find yourself facing such issues, custom garage doors may be the best option for your home long term. Don’t forget, a new garage door offers a uniquely high return on investment, one of the highest of all renovations.


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