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San Diego Flood Damage

In San Diego, we are susceptible to two of the worst damaging forces a home can face: floods and fires. In the event of running water pouring into your home, attempt to shut the water off if possible. First, check the angle stop near where the water is coming from, such as under the sink or next to the washing machine. If that doesn’t do the trick, head to the main water line for your house, which is usually in the garage. Third, turn the water off at the street. You should also immediately call a recovery or restoration company to help clean up the damage. Time is of the essence with water damage.

Important Facts About Dealing with Flood Damage

  • You do not have to wait for your insurance company to select a restoration company. The sooner the restoration company can get to your house, the better chance you have of being able to recover your home.
  • In San Diego, the hard water often freezes or immobilizes angle stops. Be sure to check that yours are working every few months.
  • A standard house fan will not dry out a house properly, with water damage, call a professional who will know what levels of air and humidity will best handle the situation.

How to Hire a Recovery Company

How to Hire a Professional


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