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What is a Concrete Coating?

We live in a concrete jungle. Our patios, garages, pool, and even foundations are made of this amazing durable material. While concrete is an incredibly functional material it can also become an eye sore. Years of sun, rain, and wind can leave your walkways, patio, and driveway cracked and in need of a concrete resurfacing. In the garage, you may have produced cracks, oil and paint stains that have made it an eye sore. Concrete coating and resurfacing is the best way to give new life to your concrete. Before you hire a concrete or garage coating company you want to trust that they are able to provide the best service in the least obtrusive manner. Enter Approved Home Pros! All of our Pros have completed rigorous evaluations of their services and customer support by local experts who know what should be expected by these companies. You can trust that when you choose a concrete coating and resurfacing company from us the work you get will be as expected and promised. We believe so much in our process that we even offer a guarantee.

Versatility of Concrete Flooring

Concrete may conjure up visions of a cold, grey, pocketed surface, but modern-day concrete finishing techniques present a wide variety of high-quality aesthetics and options. Dyes can be added as wet concrete is mixed, giving the finished product an earthy, stone-like color. Surface treatments such as concrete stains or coatings can upgrade traditional concrete into a beautiful and longer-lasting option. Concrete can even be stamped with rubber stencils for texture or altered to mimic natural stone, brick, or even ceramic tile. You can fill your home with trendy textures and colors to meet your style.

Benefits of Concrete Coatings

You may not have considered that your concrete floors need protection, but they certainly do, especially if you hope to have them withstand heavy traffic and stand up to signs of significant wear and tear. A concrete coating is simply a topical coating that resurfaces your existing concrete and can be used to update the look or repair minor cracks.

What is a Garage Floor Coating?

Let’s face it, your garage floor is tough: it can withstand cars, kids, dogs and use far beyond the average wear and tear. A garage floor coating makes it tougher, improves the aesthetic of the floor, makes it easier to clean, hides cracks and protects it against stains. Garage floor coatings are typically epoxies, stains, sealers, polyaspartic coatings or floor paints that will work hard to ensure your garage floor has long-lasting durability and appeal. A coating on your garage floor may not seem like a necessity, but did you know that such durable and flexible products go beyond protection from scratches and stains? They can actually increase the value of your home, giving your garage a more finished, upgraded look that can seem like an extension of your home. Plus, having a well maintained garage can be a big selling factor if you decide to sell in the future.

What is Concrete Resurfacing?

Concrete resurfacing is a grey, self-leveling, easily-spreadable cement based product that is designed to restore the appearance of your existing concrete surfaces. Most likely, your San Diego home has either a concrete garage floor, driveway, sidewalk, patio or pool deck. If this area of your home has started to show its age or has imperfections or surface discolorations, don’t rush to replace it! Resurfacing can give your concrete a complete makeover and provides the opportunity to personalize the area with a wide variety of color and pattern options. Concrete resurfacing doesn’t just add visual appeal: it can significantly increase the lifespan of your concrete. Maybe your driveway has a crack or two, or your patio surface is looking outdated. Rather than breaking up the slabs and tackling the costly project of pouring new concrete, you can consider repairing it using a concrete resurfacing.

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SUNDAY, JANUARY 14, 2018 ON ABC 10 Your garage can be valuable living space for a kid’s play area, home gym, man cave and a place to park your cars. A quick and easy, multi-purpose and cost effect home improvement that provides valuable living space is slab resurfacing. Even if your garage slab is cracked, a brand new surface can be applied without going to the expense of breaking out concrete.

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