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    San Diego Air Conditioning

    No matter where you live in San Diego County, being able to control the temperature in your home is one of the top ways to help you feel comfortable in your space. Not only will you be comfortable, but a reliable heating  and air conditioning system ensures your home will have a healthy indoor air quality, which is important because on average, the air side your home is five times more polluted than the air outside. Looking for reliable air conditioning repair, maintenance, or installation in San Diego? Whether you need a new AC system or service to an existing system, or it’s time to upgrade equipment to more energy-efficient models, our experts review local heating and air contractors to help you find the right pro for the right job. There are also different types of heating and cooling solutions, air purification systems, duct work and much more than can be tailored by a professional to fit your exact needs.

    Air Conditioning Installation Options

    When it comes to air conditioning installation, there is not a one-size-fits-all homes solution. AC companies in San Diego, especially those who earn status as an Approved Home Pro, will customize a solution for your home based on your needs and lifestyle and your home’s layout. Not all homes are built to accommodate a traditional AC system, and in those cases mini-split technology might be right for you. Top contractors in the industry will guide you to the right products for your home.

    Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System

    There are many ac options available on the market. Systems come with a SEER rating, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy efficient the system is. In San Diego, and all of California, air conditioning installation must be a unit with a minimum of a 14 SEER. Today, there are units available with up to a 33 SEER .

    Mini-Split Air Conditioning

    Mini-split or ductless air conditioning systems have been common internationally for decades but are recently making a splash in San Diego. These units, with wall-mounted air handlers, function without large duct work, making them perfect for homes that cannot accommodate air ducts.

    Repair or Replace?

    On average, ac reviews expect a system to last 15-20 years. However, you should always look at the cost of repairing an older system and running it regularly as compared to the cost of a new AC system and running it regularly. San Diego air conditioning repair may be the right step up until a certain point, and a knowledgeable HVAC contractor will give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your home. Newer ac units are extremely energy efficient, so upgrading your system could drastically reduce your utility costs and lower your carbon footprint.

    Regular Maintenance

    The average heating and air conditioning system requires maintenance at least once a year to remain in tip-top shape. This simple step can save you money in the long run, keep your energy bills down, and promote the longevity of your system. You should also change your air conditioner’s filter at least four times a year with average use. A clean filter means clean air and keeps your HVAC system from working too hard. When your system is stressed, you are more likely to incur irregular repairs.

    Setting Your Thermostat

    When you turn on your air conditioner, avoid setting the temperature too far below its normal setting. Your home will not cool any faster, and the excessive cooling causes greater energy waste. It’s recommended to maintain a temperature in your home consistently rather than turn the hvac system on and off. This can be exceptionally helpful in East County San Diego neighborhoods, like El Cajon and Eastlake, where the temperatures outside vary so drastically.

    Modern AC Technology

    Not only are heating and air conditioning units becoming more efficient and technologically advanced, there are many types of high-tech thermostats and accessories that can make using your HVAC easier and more convenient, such as phone apps and voice controls. A reputable ac company can help upgrade your home to these conveniences.

    Use Approved Home Pros

    No matter where you are in San Diego, Approved Home Pros takes the fear out of finding the right professional for the job by giving you a list of only the most trusted contractors in San Diego. A reliable heating and air conditioning system ensures healthy indoor air quality, reduced utility costs, and less impact to the environment, so be sure you’re hiring the best in the business to take care of your system.

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