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Securing Your Home While You’re on Vacation

The last thing you want to worry about while you’re on vacation is the possibility of someone breaking into your home. Knight Security shares tips on how to keep your home safe while you’re away.

Details on ‘Securing Your Home’

[Sean] it’s time to ask an expert where we answer everyday questions help you better understand your home and the home improvement industry today is normal i’m with greg cantor our resident expert from murray Lampert design build remodel and we get to have richard mates with night security on with us today. gentlemen today we’re talking about an important subject which is remodeling and security as it relates to a remodel job. Richard how important of a topic is this?

[Richard] it’s very important I mean it’s important to keep a house secured and the belongings secure and the people safe because because a remodel is a target for certain certain criminals correct oh absolutely there’s new product ring brought on there’s there’s construction tools and coordination between the remodeler and your security company is vital because you know think about it the walls are open in some cases you know it’s an easy thing for a crime of opportunity to take place

[Gregg] exactly or even just simple vandalism in some cases but it’s also great time to put in a security system while things are open that is that is true that’s next advantage you two work together your companies work together on many projects to help keep your customer safe

[Sean] Greg if you guys think of a specific type of job that is normal the in and what you do on those kind of jobs

[Gregg] well we do a lot of whole homes and so I’ve worked with Richard on projects where we’ve put new doors and windows in the walls are all open and Richard comes in at the right time when things are open and installs a system I mean it has to be pre-wired first what do you do to protect the home in those cases when during during the remodeling process

[Richard] well then – it’s the most difficult time for sure but we you know we try to take the part of the home that can still be secured and lock it up we may even wire internal doors to segregate it from te remodel part so we give a protected area for the family and for the remodel restore valuables like appliances because a lot of times the homeowner still living in the home well the house open and when word in the middle of construction will board off openings with plywood and do the best we can to keep the home secure

[Sean] so one of the key things that sounds like to me is being aware of the security aspect going into the remodel and having it be a conscious part of the process am I right about that

[Gregg] yeah the coordination between the remodeler and the different selves like the alarm company is vital is that something that  chuck in the trucks are gonna think about it you see security as a lapsing area sometimes in it I definitely think so because we’ve lockboxes we use secured defenses we make sure that homes are buttoned up during construction lessor companies are gonna think about those things the route

[Sean] the true pros like you guys always do thank you so much if you have questions for our experts or want to see more information on previous questions visit approved home pros