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SDG&E Quality Installation Rebates Explained

In San Diego, SDG&E offers rebate programs for quality installation on HVAC systems. Our experts, Gregg Cantor from Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel and Bob Briley from We Care Plumbing Heating & Air, breakdown what the rebates are, how you qualify for them, how to maximize them and why it’s a good idea to leave the heavy lifting to the pros to help you get through the process quickly and easily. Ask your own question on our  Ask An Expert section!

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[Sean] Now it’s time to Ask an Expert, where we tackle everyday home improvement topics to help you better understand your home. Today as always, I’m with Gregg Cantor our resident expert for Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel and Bob Briley here from We Care Heating and Air.

[Bob] Thanks for having me.

[Sean] Oh it’s great to have you on. We love having you on as guests.  So, Gregg there’s a lot of savings programs out there for rebates but we’re talking about one specific program today. What is it?

[Gregg] It’s called the SDG&E QI program and it’s for quality installations specifically HVAC systems right where you get rebates. It’s a rebate program for HVAC (heating and air systems).

[Bob] It’s for heating and air. You can’t get it, it’s not a rebate just for the heater itself. You have to go ahead and do the air conditioning side of it because that is your biggest energy pig in your house.

[Sean] Okay, so SDG&E has created this and it’s it to incentivize people to make their systems more energy-efficient.

[Bob] Correct.

[Sean] So you have the savings that comes with that but what are the rebate possibilities? What kind of?

[Bob] Well there’s different tiers there’s different seer ratings there’s 15 C or 16 seer 17 seer and up which is kind of like a gas efficiency in your car. The higher the seer the better efficiency you’re getting and then there’s a three-tier table of how much you’re going to get back per each tier. So if you have a 15 seer, you get this much back per ton on up. But in order to determine the tonnage of the system, which is the size of the system, you have to do a heat load count which is a manual J.

[Gregg] So we know exactly what size system.

[Bob] I know little too much on that one. That measures the efficiency of a home because there’s different factors that enter into that like windows and insulation and those kind of things. I’m measuring how efficient the system is.

[Sean] Okay, so are we talking about savings and hundreds of dollars and hundreds of dollars?

[Gregg] It can actually move up into the low tier of $1,000.

[Sean] Wow!

[Gregg] But that’s on the high efficiency and biggest system but you just can’t put the biggest system in your house you don’t want to oversize your system.

[Bob] You get no efficiency then and don’t forget you’re saving on your monthly energy bill as well. I was gonna bring that up. The savings that you get from the on you bill. Who likes paying that high? And idly, nobody so that’s the huge part of it.

[Sean] So, this is specifically for HVAC. Are there other programs within that umbrella?

[Bob] Yes, there is there is; there’s water heaters, there’s thermostats, there is washers and dryers and stuff like that and you can actually double dip. You could actually go do your change out your heating and air conditioning system and then also go ahead and do the thermostat one and do the water heater and you can actually get all those different rebates.

[Sean] So all kinds of savings and now they’re all a efficiency.

[Bob ]Right.

[Gregg] There’s also other programs you can double dip into to the outside of SDG&E needs so you can get savings and rebates.

[Bob] There’s an energy upgrade California program as well but I really recommend hiring a company that knows how to navigate through the programs not only doing the proper installation but filing the paperwork so that you’re successful getting those rebates.

[Sean] Yeah Bob to that point, if somebody calls we walk them through this and answer all their questions?

[Bob] Oh, definitely. I’ll walk them through every questions they have. We can get something set up and then also like he was saying on the paperwork is huge we take care of all that the homeowner doesn’t have the burden.

[Sean] Marvelous. Call Bob at We Care to answer all of your questions about this particular program and if you want more information visit ApprovedHomePros.com in our Ask an Expert section.