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Remodeling Tips

Before you start a remodel, it’s always good to collect ideas so you can narrow down exactly what you want to do. Whether it’s opening up your home to better entertain or changing the aesthetic to make it more contemporary, knowing what you want before the remodel is underway will save you time and money in the end. Our Resident Expert Gregg Cantor from Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel shares some tips to assist you.

Bathroom Remodel Tips

Many old bathrooms have dropped ceilings in the shower or tub area that are divided by a wall. Tearing out the ceiling and stub wall greatly improves the usability of the bathroom and creates more space. It also makes the bathroom more aesthetically pleasing and modern. To take that transformation a step further, replace your tub with a curbless walk-in shower. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also functional for the whole family, from children to grandparents. Add a contemporary touch and highlight beautiful tilework by making your curbless walk-in shower a full glass enclosure. 

Kitchen Remodel Tips 

To increase your space, remove a wall to create an open floor plan between the kitchen and living spaces. This creates a much more functional kitchen for entertaining or just hanging out with the family. 

Patio Remodel Tips

For a more usable outdoor living space, add a patio cover with concrete slab or pavers. This creates a comfortable and year-round friendly patio. And for easy access to the patio, install a large bi-folding or sliding door system. Not only will this look great, you will gain more space for entertaining as the indoors and outdoors blends together when the doors are open. 

Fireplace Remodel Tips

Old fireplaces look great, but can be time consuming and difficult to use. Install a gas insert into an existing old brick fireplace to easily update and provide efficient heat when needed. 

Front Door & Garage Door Remodel Tips

Replacing the entry door and overhead garage door are an easy upgrades that improve curb appeal without breaking the bank. These improvements provides one of the highest returns on investment. 


Whether you’re doing a whole home remodel or just one room, these tips can help guide you towards the perfect solutions for your home. For more remodeling tips to help you save money and time, visit Cantor’s Corner