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Pool Safety Tips

The Importance of Pool Safety

May is Water Safety Month! While making a splash is a great way to celebrate summer, don’t take pool safety lightly. Before your family takes a dip, check out these pool safety tips to make sure this summer is all about fun in the sun and not an avoidable disaster.

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children ages 1-4.Nearly 400 children die and another 5,400 are injured each year because of a pool or spa. According to the CPSC, drowning rates remain consistent in 2018 from previous years. Don’t become a statistic! When it comes to pool safety, just think ABC:

Keep your family safe with these pool safety tips

Pool Safety Tips: Know Your ABCs

Adult Supervision

Children should always be supervised by an attentive adult when in or around a pool or spa. When it comes to pools, being at home can provide a false sense of security. Always designate a Water Watcher to be responsible for keeping an eye on the pool. The adult should be equipped with a whistle or other signal of importance to help designate responsibility.

Designate a "water watcher" anytime your'e around a pool.

Learn more about Water Watchers and where to get a Water Watcher tag and brochure at the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association (IPSSA)’s WaterWatcher.org.


Having self-closing and self-latching gates around a pool or spa can greatly reduce accidental access to the pool. A fence surrounding the pool should be at least four feet tall, and should not be climbable. Pool covers are another great barrier than can prevent unintended entry. Plus, door alarms near the pool area can help alert you to anyone heading outside to approach the pool.

Create a barrier around your pool to prevent children from wandering in.

Classes: Swim + CPR

Swim classes and CPR classes are crucial. If you, someone you know or your children don’t know how to swim, classes are a great first step to safety. Classes will help develop the skills to survive and thrive in the water, as well as instill the importance of avoiding pool drains, which are one of the top dangers related to a pool.

To be prepared for an emergency situation, take CPR classes before using the pool or taking on the role of Water Watcher. CPR classes are easy to enroll in and are offered throughout the year. In San Diego, classes are available at the YMCA and Red Cross, among other locations.

For more information on general pool safety, visit PoolSafely.gov. 

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