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Picking the Perfect Paint Color

Picking the perfect paint color can be a challenge when there are so many different options. Ace Hardware is there to help guide you to the right color for your home. Learn how today!

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[Jordan] if you are looking to paint your room your house choosing a color can be one of the more daunting tasks when you come and look at the selections on the wall at your local hardware store so today I’m here at Ace Hardware in Hillcrest with Harry Schwartz talking all about how you can get started to get past that overwhelming beautiful wall of color behind us

[Harry] yes, the paint manufacturers have put us in a bit of a pickle because they’ve given us so many colors to choose from that sometimes it’s challenging but it is a journey and as long as you follow that journey then you can usually be very successful with your color selection

[Jordan] we want everyone out there to be happy with whatever products they’re putting on their wall and the color that they end up with so where should we start

[Harry] so start with an inspiration piece that could be something like a pillow that’s in the bedroom or living room or whatever it is you’re painting it could be a vase it could be a rug it can be anything but you need an inspiration piece was something that you liked the colors and that’s what you’d like to see in that room yes something that makes you happy that you want to kind of expand on in your home

[Jordan] exactly so you bring that inspiration piece into the Ace Hardware store and then you can look at all the colors that we have on their color racks and see what you find that might match your inspiration piece

[Harry] so we found today a handful of colors which match this inspiration piece okay and once you’ve selected colors and you can select multiple colors for each of the colors in your inspiration piece then we the next step is to get some paint samples. Okay, so get a couple of pints samples take them home paint a two foot by two foot section of the wall or use a sample board they’re about two foot by two foot and we sell those at Ace Hardware and paint those instead and then you can move those around the wall or around the room onto different walls without having to paint multiple a little bit of effort

[Jordan] but also it helps you narrow the colors down because just because you’ve picked all three of these very bright  for this pillow doesn’t mean you want to commit to all three on the wall


[Harry] exactly right and plus colors will look very different in your home than they did in the store based on the lighting that’s in your home and what other features are in the home whether it’s furniture carpeting wood floors all can have an impact on how the color actually looks

[Jordan] so how long do you recommend we leave this swatch up for

[Harry] well at a minimum you want to do a 24 hour cycle so you can see it in all the different lights daylight your artificial lights in the home exactly but usually people will live with it for a week or so make sure they like the colors and then come on in and get their paint and so once they like the colors it’s time to get started

[Jordan] that’s right exactly right you come on in with your final color selection we mix up your paint we help you with the tools you will need show you how to paint if need be and get you started on your project so if you are ready to take on a painting project head to your local Ace Hardware and get all the guidance you need bring in your inspiration piece and get started choosing your colors