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Using PermaGreen to Control Weeds

After an abnormally wet winter here in San Diego, weeds seem to be out of control! Dominic from Four Seasons discusses using PermaGreen Weed Control to eliminate weeds, while keeping your lawn alive and healthy.

Details on ‘PermaGreen to Control Weeds’

[Sean] With such a rainy year so far, now is the perfect time to care for your lawn and get weeds under control. Lawn care expert Dominic from Four Season Lawn Aeration is here to talk about weeds and weed control. Dominic, my yard is full of weeds, is that common?

[Dominic] Well yeah, especially after all the rain we just got. It’s going to be weed city this spring. You know, here in San Diego, we have that climate that weeds, every weed in the world, every grass in the world, grows out here all year round. I mean we have dandelions in January, so you imagine what it’s going to be this spring.

[Sean] Yeah, there’s tons of dandelions out there and lots of different weeds. Now, I’m probably like your average person, I’ve tried Round Up to go after them, but it doesn’t work. I kill the good stuff and it doesn’t work. What really has to be used to get rid of weeds?

[Dominic] Well here at Four Seasons PermaGreen, we got special herbicides that are selective for any type of weed you have in the lawn, where there’s broad leaf weeds, whether they’re grassy weeds, we take care of all of them and you have to be professional, you have to be qualified. You have to have a special license to buy these products. You’re not going to by ’em in Home Depot or anything like that.

[Sean] So the average Joe can’t go buy the products that really need to be used to kill these weeds. How often do you need to be reapplying those things and is there anything else that needs to be done besides the herbicides?

[Dominic] Well yeah, because of the weather out here, it grows constantly so you make one application and you kill that crop of weeds, but there’s a lot of seed in the soil, so seven weeks you’re going to get another crop, so you have to constantly keep doing it ’til it’s managed properly where you have nice green lawn, no weeds, but here at Four Seasons, we also put a pre-emergence on. Pre-emergent herbicide lies in the soil and it prevents weed seeds from germinating.

[Sean] So, you come out every seven weeks, you kill what’s there, you make sure that other stuff doesn’t come up. Now, this has got to be expensive right?

[Dominic] No, no, not at all. What we charge on the average is just 45 dollars to 60 dollars per application.

[Sean] So I can have a weed free yard for 45 to 60 dollars per application?

[Dominic] Yeah absolutely and not only that, we don’t have, it’s not a contract, you don’t pay for the whole year, it’s just per application.

[Sean] That’s why we recommend you guys for anything for you lawn care. So, to learn more about PermaGreen, or Lawn Aeration service and Four Seasons, visit ApprovedHomePros.com/FourSeasons