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Perfect Turf for Pets

Everyone wants to give their furry friends the best. Dreamgardens is here to help with their artificial turf that is pet friendly! Discover why you and your furry friend will love this turf.

Details on ‘Perfect Turf for Pets’

[Sean] it’s a common misconception to think that turf is not a great fit for household pets with the right products and installation it can be a perfect fit that’s why sergio from Dreamgardens is here to explain all about it a little spoiler alert I have turf and pets and I think the two go together perfectly and they do they do definitely yeah I I’ve never had any odor issues and I’ve never had any better time not wiping up mud being crepe taped into my house it’s soft all those issues but what are the keys to making sure that there are no odor issues

[Sergio] first well first of all we have to choose soprano than is right for pets usually smaller pile products works better easier to clean but once we go past that selection the next step is to decide what type of infield are we gonna use for for your turf and the number one product that we recommend that we use it’s called zeofill which is a natural product that it’s supplied on top of the turf if you pour it on and then work it in

[Sean] so it doesn’t stay on top

[Sergio] correct it does it is supplied on top of it to have like this and the amount of seal feel that we apply depends on the size of the dogs what does it do so this is going to act like a magnet to attract those ammonia gases which is what we smell in urine so those are going to be trapping this product once it rains and we have sodium ions those sodium ions are going to release the gases and refresh your turf so every time it rains you get a whole refresh system basically and the zeofill lasts for very long times and lasts forever

[Sean] yes are there other concerns that people have with turf and pets heat around there other clauses a concern I’ve heard of times heat there can be a source of concern but I don’t think it’s a problem

[Sergio] most dogs don’t have a problem with heat especially my dog just loves to lay down and he loves the warmth of the product

[Sean] that was exactly what I found they love to go out there and lay in it was where their favorite environment so the main thing I think is to have the right consultation with the right company that can guide you to how to have that insulation what you need for your pets

[Sergio] correct you need to have a good conversation with your sales consultant he’s can explain the options on the product and on the info how much infield needs to go depending on the size of your pants and it is our artificial turf is a great solution for pets take it for me

[Sean] I just love it I know dream Gardens will steer you the right way to get your perfect pet turf with zeofill from dream Gardens call them at six one nine five hundred seven four one four or find them at approved home proz.com