Our Guarantee

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The Approved Home Pros Guarantee is a promise that you will be satisfied with your home improvement, repair or service, or we’ll step in to help make it right. When you use a pro in the Approved Home Pros network, you’ll have confidence knowing you’re covered by the Approved Home Pros Guarantee. We proudly offer this exclusive guarantee because we know that any company that has earned our seal of approval is dedicated to exceptional customer service and doing the right thing.

Register Your Purchase

If you contacted a pro through telephone numbers or online contact forms provided by Approved Home Pros, your project is already registered! If you followed our recommendation, but contacted the pro through another means, contact us to register your project, repair or service so you’ll be covered by the Approved Home Pros Guarantee. Fill out this form now to register your purchase!

How It Works

Every company that earns the Approved Home Pros seal of approval agrees to abide by our Guarantee procedures.

If you are not satisfied with project, product, repair or service, these steps must be followed (in order):

  • Notify the pro of specific problem or reason for dissatisfaction.
  • Work with the pro to rectify the situation and communicate all issues that need to be addressed.
  • At the completion of the pro customer service efforts, you will be notified by the pro that everything possible has been done and that no further action is forthcoming.

If you remain unsatisfied at this point, you may request assistance from Approved Home Pros by invoking your Guarantee.

  • Request assistance by contacting us on ApprovedHomePros.com or by calling 855-840-A-PRO (2776) during regular business hours.

Once your request is received, a Guarantee Assistance Case File will be opened and a confirmation number will be supplied. Once a Guarantee Assistance Case File is opened:

  • Approved Home Pros will notify the pro of your request for assistance and the opening of the Guarantee Assistance Case File within 48 business hours of receipt of user request.
  • We will complete an initial review. You must be available for interview, provide access to project or product and provide all relevant information.
  • We will complete an initial review with the pro. The pro will allow AHP, and if necessary an independent expert supplied by AHP, to review the customer’s complaint, access related information and data, interview related staff, access relevant vendors or suppliers and provide any other relevant information.

Submit a Request for Assistance

Have you run into a problem? If home improvement project repair or service is covered by the Approved Home Pros Guarantee and you’ve been unable to resolve the situation directly with the pro, let us help make it right. Requests for assistance must be submitted within 14 days of notification of completion of the pro’s customer service process. Need help? Fill out this form!